Tuesday, July 31, 2012


So pretty right? Such a wearable collection. We say everyone should have a LWD (little white dress) like the one up top. Seriously, if you get a classic one, you will definitely wear it your whole life. We were also happy to see elements of this look of ours in the second look above. Although ours was paired with metallic and tights, the same sweat shirt like top could easily be paired with lace and sans tights. On the third look, we haven't yet taken part in the printed pants (because it is SO trendy at the moment and we'd rather spend money for more classic pieces), but we do like the ease in which they paired the pants again with the sweat shirt top. Further down, the lace dress is beautiful and you can find similar looks on Ebay like we did quite often. And finally, we love the last punk/50's look with the t-shirt and gown. Pretty cool.

Monday, July 30, 2012


Why not take our dresses and tie shirts over them? This is one of our favorite chambray shirts which you've seen plenty of times, but it's so nice to know how versatile it can be. We are now loving the ability it has to tie over our dresses. So if you run out of skirt options, try a dress! No one will know the difference. H&M dress, Forever 21 shirt and platforms. 

Friday, July 27, 2012

MADEMOD - Online highlight


OK, so if you're anything like us, sometimes you get frustrated when you're online shopping and you have to sift through myriads of clothing that doesn't quite fit your needs. Meet MadeMod. They are a new site devoted solely to more stylish modest clothing you can find all over the internet. They just make it easy for you by having it all in one place.  For example, we have to admit, Land's End is not usually an online store we shop, yet that chambray dress is quite nice and definitely within a great price range. We haven't heard of Ruche either, but that top is awesome.  So we say definitely take a look over at their site. It's a great time saver!

Thursday, July 26, 2012


We don't quite know how our brother will feel about this, but here's the story. Some of you have asked what we wear on a daily, nowhere to go, kind of basis. We decided to highlight this type of day and do a quick blog shot after one of our long group rehearsals. This is where our brother falls into the picture (quite literally). He came running from afar and before we knew it, was fake posing in the shot.  Many of you probably don't think about it, but we (and every other blogger who photographs) must look pretty ridiculous. We're just asking to be made fun of :)

But aside from all that, most of this outfit is Forever 21 old and new (and there's a close up of the $7.50 F21 flats). Very easy. The skinny jean cut off we're sporting here has been quite the trend with guys as of late. But not many girls have taken it on. Denim cut offs have been seen all over with celebrities, but the trend is to pair shorter cut offs with baggier shirts. But we actually like a bit of length on the shorts since we think it helps in the slimming process, unlike Miley here (who is truly thin). So why not grab a great pair of skinny jeans, cut, fray a bit, and even roll the hem like the guys? Why should they get the length and comfort while we risk showing most of our booties? We say girls should take it on too. But remember our unspoken rule of pairing tight with loose. This will keep you on trend with the celebrities.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

FRIDA GUSTAVSSON - Impeccable street style

This girl certainly knows how to put an outfit together.  How would you guys define her style? It definitely has an edginess to it with a mixture of urban sophisticate and a sort of boho chic. Kinda difficult to put a label on her... which ultimately is great! We love how she mixes things effortlessly. She's not afraid to pair something prim with something unexpected. Man! We can't imagine having a model's life...you have to be on your A-game before and after every show since bloggers are now out in force. For example, almost all of these photos are from Stockholm Streetstyle (an awesome blog that we will definitely highlight sometime). And when you've got great street style, you show up all over the internet. So all power to miss Frida for having some great style. Oh and by the way, if you happen to do a google image search on her, you'll notice that almost everything she wears is pretty covered. Just shows you wear fashion is right now. And lastly, notice the yellow and black pairing in the final picture? We think this is an awesome pairing for fall, meaning, we really think you guys should go and get the Eshakti dress talked about here so we can all wear the same outfit come fall!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

TEEN CHOICE AWARDS 2012 - Kristen Stewart

We were notified yesterday morning by Roberto Cavalli's PR team that Kristen Stewart showed up wearing his designs at the teen choice awards Sunday night. And we absolutely love the look! We love the rocker-esque outfit and the cut of the Cavalli jacket. We weren't terribly impressed with many of the other dressers that night...all the typical Hollywood garb...short, tight dresses, lots of leg and sky high platforms. Why has this become the go-to Hollywood look (think Kardashian)? We don't understand it since most things coming off the runway don't look anything like this. Isn't it interesting how the event sort of brings it out too? The celebrities must think "teen choice" so they break out the most scantily clad things they've got. When if you get a designer store opening, a Vogue party or something more chic and sophisticated, that's when you get the most interesting dressers. And that's when skin (or less is more) doesn't mean a thing.

Monday, July 23, 2012


This dress is the perfect little plain shift dress. We love how the cut speaks for itself, no frills needed here. This is also an outfit that can be taken into the fall really easily. Because the dress is so minimalist Desirae chose to spice it up with some neutral accessories - quilted chain bag, Ann Taylor leopard print scarf, Forever21 neutral platforms, and silver bracelets. The dress is from H&M last year and we love how it looks and feels so well made (that's something you sort of miss the more the price goes down in certain clothing stores).  A lot of people would stay away from a color so close to their skin tone, but we say don't! We think people like Nicole Kidman, Michelle Williams, Frieda Pinto or Halle Berry look especially beautiful in colors closest to their skin tone. Somehow it looks like the clothing is made especially for them or something. Try it!

Saturday, July 21, 2012


OK ladies, now is your chance to get this mustard dress (which we still like the best) or anything in their sale (like this one) for 50% off! This isn't a giveaway, this is better because EVERYONE can participate (not just one lucky reader), but only through July 31. Eshakti is having a 40% off sale and they're offering our readers an additional 10% discount on those sale items listed. That takes this dress down from almost $90 (with shipping) to about $45 even (that's including the shipping and adding sleeves costs...we always hate extra costs so we're disclosing the actual amount). But on top of all that, we've got a major secret. So if you follow us via Google Friend Connect (the "Join this Site" button on the right of our blog) and then shoot us an email at DesiandMel at gmail dot com, we'll give you the additional code. Or if you wanna know the secret to get even more off, ask for it in your email and you'll be getting this dress for cheeeeap (and we mean cheap... sorry this one we can't disclose). Happy shopping!

Friday, July 20, 2012


It's about time somebody addressed this. Vogue has finally made mention of the "stacking jewelry" trend I'm sure many of you have been seeing lately. And we're here to bring their perceptions to you guys. I love how they talk about Coco's age old rule of looking in the mirror before leaving the house and removing one piece of jewelry. Well, that seems to fly out the window in this regard. But if you want to try this, we suggest you go classy with it. Choose, like they say, to focus in on one part of the body...hands, wrist or neck. Don't go crazy and do all of those. Remember our mantra of Poppy Delevigne and keeping accessories minimal? Well still keep that in mind. On that note of overly accessorizing, you shouldn't be pairing shrugs over tank tops, t-shirts under tank tops, leggings under skirts (dresses are better, but we think leggings, may be losing steam), scarves, big earrings, hair accessories, necklaces, belts etc. You're going to look like a gypsy just walked through the door. The more pieces you have on, the more gypsy you become. We modest dressers need to keep the pieces minimal. Just buy clothing that covers, don't try and make it cover. And when you wanna have fun with accessories, pick an arm. Let's keep it classy! We like how Rachel (from pinkpeonies) does her arms here....

Thursday, July 19, 2012


So Christian Dior finally got a new designer after the John Galliano anti-semitic scandal last spring. The house has been under flux ever since, not knowing who would take over. Finally the creator of these fabulous things (here and here) from Jil Sander (his name is Raf Simons) has taken over Dior. So farewell to Bill Gaytten. We loved your final collection above! (To see the full  final beautiful collection definitely check it out here...tooklookbook.com.) Someone made mention in our Valentino Couture post that some of the dresses looked like bags over the models. And we must admit that much that is coming off the runway in evening wear is more loose (see the last look). Which is actually great for we modest dressers who don't want all of our dresses to fit like gloves and show every imperfection in our bodies. But overall, we think these looks are very wearable. One of us is going to be on the look out for a floral print blouse (totally copying this and the Kate Lanphear look under a cardigan come fall). And totally pairing our 50's length skirts with belted jackets.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


It may be confusing to you, but we both have yellow skirts and we both wear them differently. They look almost like the same skirt, since each of us liked a similar more casual fit and look, but they are slightly different. The reason we both gravitated towards this type of skirt was because we liked how the cut allowed us to either dress it down or up more easily. Its loose fit is also nice for the summer heat. Besides all of that, we are proud to admit that this whole outfit is H&M and Forever 21. Desirae really wanted a neutral platform for all of her walking in the city (heels alone just wear you out) and found an awesome deal on these. Also, we know it's a totally different style of yellow skirt, but this one is pretty cute and super affordable. The top is H&M (which you've seen before) and the necklace is Forever 21. We kinda like the simple combo. So there you go!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

NIKKI REED (aka Rosalie)

Nikki Reed (or Rosalie from Twilight) was at an event the other day promoting the upcoming release of the final Twilight installment, and we happened to like what she was wearing. It seemed pretty simple and oh so chic. You may notice that it's very similar to Leelee's look we posted a couple of months ago, but Nikki's here is a little more amped. She's got a bit of an edgier pencil in what appears to be leather (by Robert Rodriguez) paired with a basic striped tee. We thought in general that it was some good, simple inspiration.

Monday, July 16, 2012


While Desirae stayed home after our barbecue the evening of the 4th, Melody went out with family to a baseball game that so perfectly ended with fireworks.  She thought about going obvious and wearing a baseball tee like this, but settled for stripes after searching her closet to no avail. Maybe it was best since the reference would have been pretty strong anyway. (But now you can bet that she'll be looking for one....) 
     Overall, sometimes you just wanna to keep life easy and casual. This is not an "I'm attending fashion week" type of outfit. It's not meant to look impeccable. Gold and khaki accessories jazzed things up a bit while the fedora was thrown on when the sun was overwhelming (what a lifesaver hats can be! No wonder humanity has worn them in every age. It's actually strange that we women rarely wear them any more.) But really, fashion aside, sometimes it's fun just to have the camera around to pick up some extra shots of life along the way.  And you know what? How fun are summer night baseball games?!

Friday, July 13, 2012


Speaking of "Kates" this week, here is what the Duchess wore to Wimbledon last week. We would say it's very 'tennis appropriate'. The picture below is actually her wearing the same dress last year on her Canada tour after their wedding. We have absolutely NOTHING against her wearing the same clothes (contrary to the media who always seem to chide her about it). We actually think it's awesome because we all do it. But we wanted to see the dress better, so we went ahead and put up the full length look from last year. And guess who the designer is...take a wild guess....  
Alexander McQueen