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Friday, July 27, 2012

MADEMOD - Online highlight


OK, so if you're anything like us, sometimes you get frustrated when you're online shopping and you have to sift through myriads of clothing that doesn't quite fit your needs. Meet MadeMod. They are a new site devoted solely to more stylish modest clothing you can find all over the internet. They just make it easy for you by having it all in one place.  For example, we have to admit, Land's End is not usually an online store we shop, yet that chambray dress is quite nice and definitely within a great price range. We haven't heard of Ruche either, but that top is awesome.  So we say definitely take a look over at their site. It's a great time saver!


  1. I like the concept! My wife and daughters are always trying to find modest clothes, so this is a great idea! I will do my part by posting about this on my blog to generate traffic to your site! Check me out at!

  2. I feel the same way about Lands End, but after searching high and low, I bought that dress for a wedding (bridesmaids were asked to wear any chambray dress, isn't that nice?). It is a great dress and I think it was something like $60. I love it. MadeMod is a great find. Thanks!

  3. So I think I just about died. It is so depressing scouring stores for modest clothing. Mademod is such a great idea! Thank you for sharing!