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Thursday, July 26, 2012


We don't quite know how our brother will feel about this, but here's the story. Some of you have asked what we wear on a daily, nowhere to go, kind of basis. We decided to highlight this type of day and do a quick blog shot after one of our long group rehearsals. This is where our brother falls into the picture (quite literally). He came running from afar and before we knew it, was fake posing in the shot.  Many of you probably don't think about it, but we (and every other blogger who photographs) must look pretty ridiculous. We're just asking to be made fun of :)

But aside from all that, most of this outfit is Forever 21 old and new (and there's a close up of the $7.50 F21 flats). Very easy. The skinny jean cut off we're sporting here has been quite the trend with guys as of late. But not many girls have taken it on. Denim cut offs have been seen all over with celebrities, but the trend is to pair shorter cut offs with baggier shirts. But we actually like a bit of length on the shorts since we think it helps in the slimming process, unlike Miley here (who is truly thin). So why not grab a great pair of skinny jeans, cut, fray a bit, and even roll the hem like the guys? Why should they get the length and comfort while we risk showing most of our booties? We say girls should take it on too. But remember our unspoken rule of pairing tight with loose. This will keep you on trend with the celebrities.


  1. *rolls eyes* Brothers....always the comedians! :)
    Cute outfit, I agree! Though I've been wearing shorts that length for awhile now-oh yeah, rebel! :)
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  2. Melody, I love the outfit! It looks super comfy!
    Greg is looking particularly fierce ;)

  3. This was a fun post, I enjoyed it a lot. Your brother is a natural.