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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

FRIDA GUSTAVSSON - Impeccable street style

This girl certainly knows how to put an outfit together.  How would you guys define her style? It definitely has an edginess to it with a mixture of urban sophisticate and a sort of boho chic. Kinda difficult to put a label on her... which ultimately is great! We love how she mixes things effortlessly. She's not afraid to pair something prim with something unexpected. Man! We can't imagine having a model's have to be on your A-game before and after every show since bloggers are now out in force. For example, almost all of these photos are from Stockholm Streetstyle (an awesome blog that we will definitely highlight sometime). And when you've got great street style, you show up all over the internet. So all power to miss Frida for having some great style. Oh and by the way, if you happen to do a google image search on her, you'll notice that almost everything she wears is pretty covered. Just shows you wear fashion is right now. And lastly, notice the yellow and black pairing in the final picture? We think this is an awesome pairing for fall, meaning, we really think you guys should go and get the Eshakti dress talked about here so we can all wear the same outfit come fall!


  1. Some of these looks are pretty darn cute. I especially love the last yellow dress and the blue and green one. Also like the fact that she is wearing lots of skirts and dresses.