“Thank you for making modesty so amazing...” 
This comment and others such as “Where did you get that chic dress with sleeves?,” “Those shoes are absolutely incredible!” or “I wish I knew how you put it all together” are just a few of the many remarks regarding the fashion choices of Desirae and Melody Brown. Early on in their work as members of The 5 Browns, they not only made the decision to dress in the most cutting edge fashion (such as working with designer Zac Posen) but all the while maintain their beliefs in “not baring it all,” a phrase they strongly believe in. 

There are hundreds of thousands of girls around the world that feel just as they do about dressing. Finally this "Modest Girl" has a place to go for fashion inspiration and discussion. In the past, she may have felt limited by modest fashion – they’re here to tell her not any more. With Thread Ethic every girl who is brave enough to make strong fashion choices, will realize how many options she actually has.

Thread Ethic was started in December of 2010 when Desirae and Melody realized the trend in street style blogs inspired them to become more confident in their clothing options.. Soon they wished there was one blog not only devoted to the greatest looks in street style fashion, but also one that highlighted the most recent trends off the runway that could indeed be labeled "modest".

This wish soon turned into the creation of Thread Ethic. Here you can finally view one stylish outfit after another in one place.

Welcome to Thread Ethic; where modesty thrives in style.