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Monday, July 16, 2012


While Desirae stayed home after our barbecue the evening of the 4th, Melody went out with family to a baseball game that so perfectly ended with fireworks.  She thought about going obvious and wearing a baseball tee like this, but settled for stripes after searching her closet to no avail. Maybe it was best since the reference would have been pretty strong anyway. (But now you can bet that she'll be looking for one....) 
     Overall, sometimes you just wanna to keep life easy and casual. This is not an "I'm attending fashion week" type of outfit. It's not meant to look impeccable. Gold and khaki accessories jazzed things up a bit while the fedora was thrown on when the sun was overwhelming (what a lifesaver hats can be! No wonder humanity has worn them in every age. It's actually strange that we women rarely wear them any more.) But really, fashion aside, sometimes it's fun just to have the camera around to pick up some extra shots of life along the way.  And you know what? How fun are summer night baseball games?!


  1. cute!! i like it! i may have to copy!

  2. I love those shorts! I prefer longer shorts, but they always make me feel a bit frumpy. I love how you styled them here though - definitely not frumpy at all. I may have to give it a try!