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Friday, July 13, 2012


Speaking of "Kates" this week, here is what the Duchess wore to Wimbledon last week. We would say it's very 'tennis appropriate'. The picture below is actually her wearing the same dress last year on her Canada tour after their wedding. We have absolutely NOTHING against her wearing the same clothes (contrary to the media who always seem to chide her about it). We actually think it's awesome because we all do it. But we wanted to see the dress better, so we went ahead and put up the full length look from last year. And guess who the designer is...take a wild guess....  
Alexander McQueen


  1. I am a huge fan of princess Kate . This dress is pretty cute but I like the one she wore to the Wimbledon Finals even better. It is a Joseph dress that she had worn once on the Canada tour last year. Absolutely modest and so chic! It would be really nice if you could do a post on that outfit to so that everyone can see it. Thanks Sophie