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Friday, July 20, 2012


It's about time somebody addressed this. Vogue has finally made mention of the "stacking jewelry" trend I'm sure many of you have been seeing lately. And we're here to bring their perceptions to you guys. I love how they talk about Coco's age old rule of looking in the mirror before leaving the house and removing one piece of jewelry. Well, that seems to fly out the window in this regard. But if you want to try this, we suggest you go classy with it. Choose, like they say, to focus in on one part of the body...hands, wrist or neck. Don't go crazy and do all of those. Remember our mantra of Poppy Delevigne and keeping accessories minimal? Well still keep that in mind. On that note of overly accessorizing, you shouldn't be pairing shrugs over tank tops, t-shirts under tank tops, leggings under skirts (dresses are better, but we think leggings, may be losing steam), scarves, big earrings, hair accessories, necklaces, belts etc. You're going to look like a gypsy just walked through the door. The more pieces you have on, the more gypsy you become. We modest dressers need to keep the pieces minimal. Just buy clothing that covers, don't try and make it cover. And when you wanna have fun with accessories, pick an arm. Let's keep it classy! We like how Rachel (from pinkpeonies) does her arms here....

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  1. Thanks for this great post, ladies! I definitely agree and, also, like how Rach accessorizes.