Thursday, December 19, 2013

Jil Sander Inspired

Hello all and Merry Christmas next week! We took some inspiration from Jil Sander's fall 2012 collection with this outfit (Melody wore out to christmas concerts before it was too cold to take on bare legs). And here is Melody's time to write a little tribute to her husband's Grandma Bea.

The nice thing about being up on the trends, is when you see something interesting, you have a knowledge that it can possibly work. So, on with Grandma Bea. She was a bit of a hoarder. Funny though, she had the opposite problem of us, she never hoarded her clothes. So when Melody found this red cashmere coat buried deep in a guest bedroom closet (when Grandma Bea passed on this fall), she knew she had to keep it. Grandma Bea was like her own grandmother, calling her when she was sick, giving her little things etc. She will be missed, but when Melody wears this big red coat, she'll forever remember ol' Bea. So this christmas Sunday you bet Melody will be sporting the big red coat in honor of Miss Bea.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Last night on Piers...

If we were smart we would've taken full outfit pictures, but we were just slightly preoccupied. Melody's dress is by Asos. Desirae's is from our closets. Happy Wednesday!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Late summer floral

We apologize for the massive break Thread Ethic has been taking. As we have briefly mentioned, there are some very exciting things happening for us regarding our day jobs. First off, we are having our Carnegie Hall debut on October 18 (in a month)! Surrounding this will be a PR run that starts with us on Piers Morgan on Sep. 24. From there we will keep you updated as to where we'll be and what we'll be on. We will be instagraming on Thread Ethic and on The 5 Browns, as well as tweeting on both outlets through the excitement. You can also keep up with us via The 5 Browns Facebook page.

And now for the look today, this is a dress Melody has been wearing all spring and summer. She saw it pop up on Zara for Mother's day and couldn't resist such perfection. She was completely surprised to find it just recently on We had to check multiple times to see if that said $14.90. Yes, that is 14.90. Keep in mind if you're ordering from Sammy dress that it costs more to ship than sometimes it does for the clothing. So definitely order your pieces in bulk.

Lastly, if you want a floral dress that will take you into the fall, this floral number from Zara should do it. Thanks for being patient with us! We'll try to update on some of the events when we can!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Great Gatsby White

For some reason whenever we think of white on white with cable knit, we think of Gatsby and the actual 20's posh tennis look. This is an incredibly easy outfit to wear. This is the cable knit sweater Melody bought and you can easily pair with any wide leg trousers. We know we've shown a similar outfit before, but we couldn't resist throwing the cable knit in there all in the spirit of Gatsby.

By the way, you know we've gotten SUPER DUPER busy when the blog falls by the wayside and hasn't been updated. Instead of trying to kill ourselves off, we are going to take an actual break since we're recording our 6th album in 2 days! So, we will say goodbye for a week and will hope to see you all on the other side when we get back!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Casual Tulip Skirt

This skirt and loose blouse are summer staples in Desirae's closet. The casual look of the skirt makes it wearable for everyday. Throw on some flats and you're ready for running around in the heat. Although this is a skirt from seasons past at H&M, the trick to staying cool in the summer is by wearing a skirt that goes with almost everything. Although casual looking, more stylish skirts are harder to find (we were searching for you to no avail), we advise you to keep a look out and when we find some, we will send them your way!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Black Tulip Skirt and Denim Shirt

Who knew that pairing a black skirt would suddenly dress up some denim? This look is reminiscent of Zara's Look Book a couple of seasons ago that we absolutely adored. And yes, this is what happens when we're on tour - we can't pack a ton of shoes, so yes, you get the same pairs regularly (similar here). And let's just say these are some of Desirae's favorites at the moment. Throw in some gold jewelry and suddenly denim seems pretty lux. Still looking for the perfect denim shirt? This is the one.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Orange Pencil Skirt and Loose Sweater

Bigger loose sweaters were seen all over the runways with longer pencil skirts. Here's an example from Jil Sander and another we've shown you from Celine. The actual look from the runways pair the more loose fitting sweaters with below the knee pencil skirts (which we will for SURE do). So yes Melody's orange pencil is slightly short for the look, but hey we like some color (from Forever21). She also can't wait to start pairing the two bigger knit sweaters she bought (this one is from H&M and the other from Forever 21) with all of her longer pencils as well as shorter flouncy skirts and slacks. We say you should pick yourselves up a loose sweater. It is SOOOO useful for spring (It's all she's been jackets necessary). And this one from H&M is perfect. The look is extremely versatile at the moment and it's only continuing into fall.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Jacquard Peplum Top

We needed something very specific for some important interviews on this past tour, so this definitely fit the bill. In media interviews, we obviously want something that gives a bit of a rocker vibe (hehe, some people refer to us as a band, even though we're classical musicians), but still remains professional. Desirae called Melody late one night explaining this peplum top and Melody couldn't see how it would work with the rest of the group (the joys of styling 5 musicians). But Desirae believed in it and to Melody's surprise it ended up working really well with the rust and Yves Klein blue other members of the group were wearing. The top is from H&M, pants Zara. Want a similar top? Here you go from Asos (and please don't wear the matching pant with it).

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Thursday, April 25, 2013

White Dress, Black Booties

White and black. We've been seeing plenty of fashionistas sporting the combo. The look has been looser fitting dresses with edgier black shoes. The sartorialist shows a look here, Hanneli Mustaparta here, and Poppy Delevingne here. Keeping the accessories minimal is key. With the weather somewhat warming (hopefully) this is the perfect night out look. Oh, and forget the little black dress, make it more modern with the LWD.