Friday, October 12, 2012


OK so although we're liking the look, we're kinda feelin the sunglasses. We may have to be on the look out for spring. We took this shot before Rochas SS '13 showed in Paris (see the runway shot), so this lovely lady was onto something. By the way, we're kinda loving that Rochas look. The dress is pretty amazing (and what is that fabric?). Oh and we've got a look coming showcasing the white collars seen on so many runways. So keep a look out....

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Now isn't she just so cute? We LOVE her top. We also like the throw back to the 80's wash jean. We don't know if we're quite so brave to sport them, but by all means, if you do it like this, we say go for it!

Friday, October 5, 2012


Evidently we weren't the only ones who noticed the skirt and shoe combo. NY Magazine did as well here. You've seen us sporting our leopard shoes, but these here are definitely a bit more amped.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


And here is some yellow for your Tuesday. We happen to like the yellow and grey pairing. Might have to try it ourselves sometime.

Friday, September 28, 2012


We wish we had this dress for stage. It's quite the perfect cocktail attire wear. Of course we forgot to ask her where she got it. Not the greatest move on our part. But regardless, it's quite pretty.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Here's a great fall transition outfit. We love the plaid boucle skirt with the striped t-shirt. Throw on a motorcycle jacket (like she has in her arms) and some heels and that's quite the killer outfit. 

Sunday, September 23, 2012


Melody is on her way to NYC and whilst in the midst of packing, remembered her friend (you know who you are :) tell her that she should do a post on how to pack. Although I'm packing a bit more on this trip (3 weeks is a while to be out) I noticed as I was almost done that I was following my own advice..."everything HAS to go with everything." I gave myself a little more time to prepare for this one since I'm away for so long. But you'll see in a post soon how badly I did packing for a trip to Moab last week and I was not going to let that happen again. Yep, we don't always get it right. But this time around I hope I did well, because that's a long time to be out with a poorly planned wardrobe. 

Lastly, I didn't realize that I was going for a military green, navy, white, grey and maroon combo here (yes, the pic quality is not great, but those are the colors). I ended up with 3 pairs of pants (this is a little over kill, I can get away with two) one pair of shorts (didn't need them, but wanted to bring), one skirt, 1 tiny wispy dress (perfect for travel and dressier occasions) 7 tops (overkill, I've gotten away with 5 for 2 week trips, but I'm hoping to shoot some blog while I'm this is 3 weeks), 1 small sweater, 1 jacket, 1 pair of heels, 1 flat sandal and 1 pair of closed toe flats (come rain or shine I hope I'm ready!). Seems like a lot, but it all fits in my carry-on sized luggage (eh might not be able to be brought carry-on since it's extended, but oh well.) I'll let you know how I did by the end of it all.... 

Friday, September 21, 2012


Such a cute dress. Such cute shoes. We never thought pairing all black, white and gold together could be so appealing! (By the way, that necklace is pretty dang cool.) 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fashion Night Out SLC - Part 2 - Runway

Aven Clothing
Misc Boutique
Beckett and Robb
Mary Rino

Bettie Page
We have to admit that we think the most talented designer of the night was Mitch Harris of Aven Clothing, a line of edgier clothing for children. Although we've been seeing Prada and Chanel sporting children's collections, we haven't been terribly enthusiastic of designer clothing for children, since it seems a bit over the top in our eyes. But out of all of the designers of the evening Harris seems to have a pretty clear direction for his brand (and thank goodness the prices don't reflect the typical designer brands). And seriously, We would totally wear what that little blond girl up top is wearing. The other photos were the better looks from different designers featured. And there you have it! Utah hoping to have a place in the design world. What do you all think?

Saturday, September 15, 2012

SLC Fashion Night Out - Part 1: Street Style

We attended Salt Lake City's version of the national Fashion Night Out last night at the Gallivan Center. We have loads of pictures so we'll break it up into 2 parts, the street style and the runway style. We were generally impressed with the fashion of the night, considering SLC is far from the fashion capitol.   Above are just a few of the ladies and gents we snapped while coming into the show. There were many many more, so if you think you were there and maybe saw one of us snap a shot of you, I would keep an eye out in the coming weeks :).  After viewing so much of what's coming down the runways in NYC, we couldn't help but see things that brought back images in our heads. For instance, the girl in the red and white stripes has no idea how her top is going to be quite the rage come spring. Or the two girls in the maxi dresses could've fit in at the front row of Rodarte. We must admit though that we were quite impressed with the SLC guys. They seemed to have it more put together than even the ladies. Oh and isn't Niya up top lovely? She runs a modeling agency in the city (I mean, you can tell she has experience, right?) and she's wearing one of the designers featured in the show which we'll show you soon....

Friday, September 14, 2012


We thought this was quite the interesting pairing.  You have the heavily sequined black skirt paired with a lovely flowing watercolor top, anchored with the white button down. We might have to try the silk top over button downs... haven't thought that one up yet. We'll let you know if it works for us....

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Welcome to Fashion week for Spring/Summer 2013! We figured we'd take the next little bit to show you what's going on in the street style world of the Lincoln Center.  First off, we'd like you to meet some of the photographers. We loved this girl in her prairie-esque look. We also couldn't help thinking that those boots are oh so perfect for fall.  By the way, there might be a reason behind loving this. You can see one of us sporting something similar here....

Friday, August 31, 2012

ASOS - Classy Clothing

We have been in love with the online shop Asos for a while now, and figured we should probably share with our readers. There are quite a few things we are loving at the moment, namely the 3 looks we posted. Obviously there are many, many more, but we had to narrow it down. For one, the top dress is $65 here. The second is $77 here, and the last peplum jacket is $60 here. We think the price range is great. Also their Plus Size and Maternity are not to be missed. We say you should check them out....

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

SAKS IN THE CITY - Plus Size Street Style

OK you guys so we've been noticing for a while that we've neglected a group of women who feel that the advice or looks we show on the blog aren't for them because they're body types are different. So often women feel that fashionable clothing won't look good on them because they don't have the "skinny legs for the skinny jeans" (which we've heard before). Or "if I wear a loose top it's just going to make me look bigger" is another one. Well we're here to say that some of the things we've been telling you DO work for many body types. Meet Sakina from Saks in the City. Her looks and written contribution are one of the newest additions to Vogue Italy called Vogue Curvy (and Vogue definitely knows what they're doing in picking her). We must admit we've been looking for a while now for a good plus size street style blog to no avail. Then we came across beautiful Sakina. And she's got it down. As we were going through her blog, we were choosing some of her looks to highlight and ended up with 17 looks and only made it through the beginning of the year! You guys, this girl knows how to dress, period. It just happens to be that she dresses perfectly for her size and body. Look at the great length of her jackets, the fit and cut of her pants, the looseness of her tops, the skinny cigarette pants, the leather jackets, the boyfriend jeans etc. She's carrying on all the current trends and doing them immaculately in plus size. She's not scared to put on a tight skirt, skinny jeans, or a full dress. We love her! We say you MUST follow her blog for plus size inspiration (or any size inspiration).

Friday, August 17, 2012


Um yes please. What better way to combine our Olympic closing ceremony post with last week's Mango post? Well just get Kate Moss to model for the clothing line. We are so going to try the look above with the blazer, ripped jeans and loose t-shirt. And that dress is amazing. But do you know what is even more amazing about it? It's $30! Check it out here (also the blazer is only $40 in many different colors). We say go for it people!

Friday, August 3, 2012


In case you missed it, this picture started circling around the internet right after the Valentino Couture show in Paris a couple of weeks ago. Both awesome bloggers Hanneli and Tamu (from All the pretty birds) attended the show wearing similar Valentino dresses. Even their bags and shoes were similar! And seriously, both are such awesome dresses that we couldn't resist sharing. We're so loving the cuts on these....

Friday, July 27, 2012

MADEMOD - Online highlight


OK, so if you're anything like us, sometimes you get frustrated when you're online shopping and you have to sift through myriads of clothing that doesn't quite fit your needs. Meet MadeMod. They are a new site devoted solely to more stylish modest clothing you can find all over the internet. They just make it easy for you by having it all in one place.  For example, we have to admit, Land's End is not usually an online store we shop, yet that chambray dress is quite nice and definitely within a great price range. We haven't heard of Ruche either, but that top is awesome.  So we say definitely take a look over at their site. It's a great time saver!