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Saturday, September 15, 2012

SLC Fashion Night Out - Part 1: Street Style

We attended Salt Lake City's version of the national Fashion Night Out last night at the Gallivan Center. We have loads of pictures so we'll break it up into 2 parts, the street style and the runway style. We were generally impressed with the fashion of the night, considering SLC is far from the fashion capitol.   Above are just a few of the ladies and gents we snapped while coming into the show. There were many many more, so if you think you were there and maybe saw one of us snap a shot of you, I would keep an eye out in the coming weeks :).  After viewing so much of what's coming down the runways in NYC, we couldn't help but see things that brought back images in our heads. For instance, the girl in the red and white stripes has no idea how her top is going to be quite the rage come spring. Or the two girls in the maxi dresses could've fit in at the front row of Rodarte. We must admit though that we were quite impressed with the SLC guys. They seemed to have it more put together than even the ladies. Oh and isn't Niya up top lovely? She runs a modeling agency in the city (I mean, you can tell she has experience, right?) and she's wearing one of the designers featured in the show which we'll show you soon....

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