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Sunday, September 23, 2012


Melody is on her way to NYC and whilst in the midst of packing, remembered her friend (you know who you are :) tell her that she should do a post on how to pack. Although I'm packing a bit more on this trip (3 weeks is a while to be out) I noticed as I was almost done that I was following my own advice..."everything HAS to go with everything." I gave myself a little more time to prepare for this one since I'm away for so long. But you'll see in a post soon how badly I did packing for a trip to Moab last week and I was not going to let that happen again. Yep, we don't always get it right. But this time around I hope I did well, because that's a long time to be out with a poorly planned wardrobe. 

Lastly, I didn't realize that I was going for a military green, navy, white, grey and maroon combo here (yes, the pic quality is not great, but those are the colors). I ended up with 3 pairs of pants (this is a little over kill, I can get away with two) one pair of shorts (didn't need them, but wanted to bring), one skirt, 1 tiny wispy dress (perfect for travel and dressier occasions) 7 tops (overkill, I've gotten away with 5 for 2 week trips, but I'm hoping to shoot some blog while I'm this is 3 weeks), 1 small sweater, 1 jacket, 1 pair of heels, 1 flat sandal and 1 pair of closed toe flats (come rain or shine I hope I'm ready!). Seems like a lot, but it all fits in my carry-on sized luggage (eh might not be able to be brought carry-on since it's extended, but oh well.) I'll let you know how I did by the end of it all.... 

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  1. Wow, when you lay it all out like that, it looks so easy. I classify packing as blood, sweat and tears and I have no idea how people like you who travel all the time manage it. Not to mention all the pj's and underthings and workout stuff, etc. Good job!