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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

SAKS IN THE CITY - Plus Size Street Style

OK you guys so we've been noticing for a while that we've neglected a group of women who feel that the advice or looks we show on the blog aren't for them because they're body types are different. So often women feel that fashionable clothing won't look good on them because they don't have the "skinny legs for the skinny jeans" (which we've heard before). Or "if I wear a loose top it's just going to make me look bigger" is another one. Well we're here to say that some of the things we've been telling you DO work for many body types. Meet Sakina from Saks in the City. Her looks and written contribution are one of the newest additions to Vogue Italy called Vogue Curvy (and Vogue definitely knows what they're doing in picking her). We must admit we've been looking for a while now for a good plus size street style blog to no avail. Then we came across beautiful Sakina. And she's got it down. As we were going through her blog, we were choosing some of her looks to highlight and ended up with 17 looks and only made it through the beginning of the year! You guys, this girl knows how to dress, period. It just happens to be that she dresses perfectly for her size and body. Look at the great length of her jackets, the fit and cut of her pants, the looseness of her tops, the skinny cigarette pants, the leather jackets, the boyfriend jeans etc. She's carrying on all the current trends and doing them immaculately in plus size. She's not scared to put on a tight skirt, skinny jeans, or a full dress. We love her! We say you MUST follow her blog for plus size inspiration (or any size inspiration).


  1. "a very large group of women..." ??

    1. wow. wasn't even aware it could be taken that way.

  2. AWESOME! Thanks Thread Ethic for showing some stylish plus size fashion! Love, love, love your blog (even if I can only dream of looking like either of you). I check the blog daily and love seeing your beautiful photographs.

  3. THANK YOU! for posting great plus size fashions on your site. Vogue does know how to pick their models and she is as cute as can be and the looks are perfect - wonderful article - thanks girls.

  4. I would also reccommend Tanisha from the "A Girl With Curves" street-style blog--she's pure genius!!

  5. This plus size women outfits are really talking about.
    You look really wonderful in all outfits and pics.

  6. Hi! I wanted to let you know that I featured a picture from this post over on my plus size fashion blog because it's such a great example of plus size street fashion. :) Take a look, and thanks for the inspiration!

  7. The dresses are so beautiful and stylish and so is Sakina. The way she has carried all the dresses is just amazing and an inspiration for us plus size ladies. I loved the length of her plus size jackets, specially the golden and the black one with white top.