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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Orange Pencil Skirt and Loose Sweater

Bigger loose sweaters were seen all over the runways with longer pencil skirts. Here's an example from Jil Sander and another we've shown you from Celine. The actual look from the runways pair the more loose fitting sweaters with below the knee pencil skirts (which we will for SURE do). So yes Melody's orange pencil is slightly short for the look, but hey we like some color (from Forever21). She also can't wait to start pairing the two bigger knit sweaters she bought (this one is from H&M and the other from Forever 21) with all of her longer pencils as well as shorter flouncy skirts and slacks. We say you should pick yourselves up a loose sweater. It is SOOOO useful for spring (It's all she's been jackets necessary). And this one from H&M is perfect. The look is extremely versatile at the moment and it's only continuing into fall.


  1. What a cute skirt! Love this look!
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  2. This is indeed an excellent look, and a much better choice in shoes than the usual... :-)