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Thursday, April 25, 2013

White Dress, Black Booties

White and black. We've been seeing plenty of fashionistas sporting the combo. The look has been looser fitting dresses with edgier black shoes. The sartorialist shows a look here, Hanneli Mustaparta here, and Poppy Delevingne here. Keeping the accessories minimal is key. With the weather somewhat warming (hopefully) this is the perfect night out look. Oh, and forget the little black dress, make it more modern with the LWD.


  1. I would wonder how one defines "edgier", and who actually is defining it? I would be just as impressed if it was a plain black slingback peeptoe. Do the buckles really add anything to it, or even it being a boot? The color and fit of the dress seems to be more important, and the lack of accessories adding to the focus on the dress by taking a minimalist approach is key, but I see the "edgier" shoes as detracting from the dress, and in turn detracting from the face and hair, which the dress does a spectacular job at showcasing.

    LOL... BTW, I am not some random nut, I am a single Father that has raised (still raising) 8 Daughters, so you would be surprised how many years I have had to deal with the girls wardrobe. HaHaHa...

  2. Hey! Thanks so much for your input! Yes we wondering if some would be confused by this look. and like you pointed out, this dress could be worn with any number of shoes and each would give the outfit a different look. for instance pairing with a cleaner heel would definitely make the outfit more prim or even more classy. but we wanted an edgier look like the links we put up of other fashionistas with similar looks. we would never wear something like this to church or to the office (a different heel would suffice), but for a night out, you bet we would and do! that's why you may see shoes like combat boots with little dresses being worn on the scene. that's what we mean by "edge" - it's just a little bit of rocker mixed in :).