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Monday, May 6, 2013

Jacquard Peplum Top

We needed something very specific for some important interviews on this past tour, so this definitely fit the bill. In media interviews, we obviously want something that gives a bit of a rocker vibe (hehe, some people refer to us as a band, even though we're classical musicians), but still remains professional. Desirae called Melody late one night explaining this peplum top and Melody couldn't see how it would work with the rest of the group (the joys of styling 5 musicians). But Desirae believed in it and to Melody's surprise it ended up working really well with the rust and Yves Klein blue other members of the group were wearing. The top is from H&M, pants Zara. Want a similar top? Here you go from Asos (and please don't wear the matching pant with it).


  1. Wow! This is one of my favorite out of all Desirae's looks, she is amazing in this! Very cool.

  2. Still not a fan of those shoes... LOL

    And I have a question... Is "modesty" and "ethical" to be taken into consideration when we give our money to someone for the clothes we wear? Should their ethics as a business be included in our style?

  3. I think the top looks like a mini-dress and the tight black pants accentuate the length of the top. Guess I don't like the proportion of this outfit. I always thought too tight clothing would be considered immodest.

  4. sort of an explanation of the proportions from Dior's Fall 2012 collection...


    And skinny jeans have been the subject of much debate within the modest clothing circles. We seem to think, to each his own :)

  5. where can I find this top....its not on H and M.com?

    1. Unfortunately this top is from last season. we're sooo sorry it's not available anymore! But the Asos link is pretty close...