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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Jil Sander Inspired

Hello all and Merry Christmas next week! We took some inspiration from Jil Sander's fall 2012 collection with this outfit (Melody wore out to christmas concerts before it was too cold to take on bare legs). And here is Melody's time to write a little tribute to her husband's Grandma Bea.

The nice thing about being up on the trends, is when you see something interesting, you have a knowledge that it can possibly work. So, on with Grandma Bea. She was a bit of a hoarder. Funny though, she had the opposite problem of us, she never hoarded her clothes. So when Melody found this red cashmere coat buried deep in a guest bedroom closet (when Grandma Bea passed on this fall), she knew she had to keep it. Grandma Bea was like her own grandmother, calling her when she was sick, giving her little things etc. She will be missed, but when Melody wears this big red coat, she'll forever remember ol' Bea. So this christmas Sunday you bet Melody will be sporting the big red coat in honor of Miss Bea.


  1. Beautiful coat, beautiful story.

  2. Beautiful. Jil Sander is one of my favorites

  3. Super sharp looking and what a nice remembrance.

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