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Monday, September 16, 2013

Late summer floral

We apologize for the massive break Thread Ethic has been taking. As we have briefly mentioned, there are some very exciting things happening for us regarding our day jobs. First off, we are having our Carnegie Hall debut on October 18 (in a month)! Surrounding this will be a PR run that starts with us on Piers Morgan on Sep. 24. From there we will keep you updated as to where we'll be and what we'll be on. We will be instagraming on Thread Ethic and on The 5 Browns, as well as tweeting on both outlets through the excitement. You can also keep up with us via The 5 Browns Facebook page.

And now for the look today, this is a dress Melody has been wearing all spring and summer. She saw it pop up on Zara for Mother's day and couldn't resist such perfection. She was completely surprised to find it just recently on We had to check multiple times to see if that said $14.90. Yes, that is 14.90. Keep in mind if you're ordering from Sammy dress that it costs more to ship than sometimes it does for the clothing. So definitely order your pieces in bulk.

Lastly, if you want a floral dress that will take you into the fall, this floral number from Zara should do it. Thanks for being patient with us! We'll try to update on some of the events when we can!


  1. great dress and even better price

  2. What a lovely dress! I notice that the print is slightly different from the website, but I kind of like how yours has the design more spread out.

    I've bought a top from Sammy Dress before, and the price is the best part. However, I did notice that the tag said "Zara," and it was flipped backwards as if it had a defect (not a misprint, but the actual fabric of the tag was flipped backwards as to not see the name). Whatever that was about, I stilled loved the shirt.

    Oh, and kudos to the theme of the blog! More power to us all.

  3. LOVE the dress! Is this Sammy website a discounter? They sell marked down things by other stores? Would love to know more--the prices are amazing!

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