Friday, August 31, 2012

ASOS - Classy Clothing

We have been in love with the online shop Asos for a while now, and figured we should probably share with our readers. There are quite a few things we are loving at the moment, namely the 3 looks we posted. Obviously there are many, many more, but we had to narrow it down. For one, the top dress is $65 here. The second is $77 here, and the last peplum jacket is $60 here. We think the price range is great. Also their Plus Size and Maternity are not to be missed. We say you should check them out....

Thursday, August 30, 2012


One thing you don't realize when you see street style blogs is that there is always someone behind the camera. We're always curious as to who's taking the pictures behind the scenes for some of our favorite dressers. Because you know what? They have to be incredibly patient. When we as sisters take each others' shots we're fine to take more time for detailed photos of our accessories, shoes, etc. But when someone else gets roped into it...say a husband... you feel more like getting a shot can be awkward at less opportune times. For instance, this was taken while out to dinner with some extended family. We broke away for a second to grab the shot before the light fell. So one shot was all I got (even though said man would've been happy to take more, I felt bad). And so, here is the shot showing an old H&M dress paired with metallic flats, gold and coral bangles and boutique bag.  Sometimes a good dress is all you need for a weekend night. This particular one I love pairing with black tights, a chanel-ish jacket and booties, with the onset of cooler weather. Maybe come fall we'll get to show you that look. Until then, enjoy!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

JESSICA BIEL - Total Recall promo tour

Dang, Jessica Biel has been looking super chic while promoting the release of Total Recall.  In the first look she is wearing one of the spring Giambattsita Valli looks we loved. In the second she is wearing yet another Giambattista Valli look but this time from his Pre-fall collection. And lastly, she is wearing a look from Valentino Resort collection. We say she's got it goin on right now.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


We've been waiting to show you these looks for a while now. But we figured we'd wait until it started getting a little closer to fall. We loved the simplicity of this collection. But we also LOVED the skirt lengths! This particular length has been seen for quite a few seasons now and doesn't seem to be budging. Which is great for we modest girls! Also you guys, you have to start belting your coats. Look how chic it looks? Also...see the enhanced hip again? In these looks it's done a little more subtly, but nonetheless it's still there. And finally, where to get a metal belt like that....

Monday, August 27, 2012


OK so here's the shot with the hair. I had it way more slicked back at first, but it seriously looked like I was bald! I saw one picture and ended up giving it more height. But really I think it's our massive foreheads that make this particular hairstyle never work on either of us :).
    On with the inspiration. About a month ago we tweeted about how we saw an article in Vogue that talked all about wearing shorts with blazers. We got so excited that we couldn't wait to try out the pairing. We wore the combo for a while before it was finally shot for you guys, but we have to say that we think this is a great outfit for later summer. You know, the days where it's fairly warm out, but in the evenings it gets a bit cooler. I made the mistake of wearing this to an outdoor concert earlier in the summer and later regretted it with the heat. So definitely try it as it cools off a bit. We think then it will be more conducive to the weather. Zara blazer; Forever 21 shorts; Chinese Laundry shoes; Aldo bag; Forever 21 cuff; Kennecott quartz necklace and Tai Pan sunglasses.

Friday, August 24, 2012


We just thought this was pretty dang classy...end of story. Lanvin's fall collection was definitely cool, but the bomber type top mixed with the flared skirt definitely took the cake for us. Also in a recent post coming up one of us tried to slick our hair back like so many girls do, and we just think it looks horrible on us. Do you guys feel like there are hairstyles that you just can't pull off? Please tell us we aren't alone....

Thursday, August 23, 2012


What do you wear in Yellowstone? A big comfy blanket. Well to tell you the truth everything Melody wore was an absolute disaster because camping and fashion just do not mix. This particular morning pictured, you should be grateful that the outfit underneath was covered up by this hefty blanket. It was SOOOO cold that multiple layers of thermals, pants, sweatshirts and wool socks under hiking/water shoes, was of utmost necessity since staying warm was the priority. We woke up deathly early that morning to hear and possibly see the wolves in action (which we definitely did hear, but sadly couldn't see because of immense fog), that you are literally seeing Melody right after waking up (messy hair and all). We know that this is not a fashion post, but sometimes you gotta just leave it all behind. Being out with the buffalo wrapped up in a quilt hand-made by her Grandma Bea just felt right. Almost as though stepping back in time was the point of that morning. Seeing the bison and being out on the plains brings thoughts of settlers and native Americans to the forefront; where log cabins and teepees, quilts and furs were the essence of life. It's as though American history stares one in the face out there. And for a split second it's almost like you're back there. That's Yellowstone for you. We think you should go. We also think you should bring along a quilt.  You definitely won't regret it.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

SAKS IN THE CITY - Plus Size Street Style

OK you guys so we've been noticing for a while that we've neglected a group of women who feel that the advice or looks we show on the blog aren't for them because they're body types are different. So often women feel that fashionable clothing won't look good on them because they don't have the "skinny legs for the skinny jeans" (which we've heard before). Or "if I wear a loose top it's just going to make me look bigger" is another one. Well we're here to say that some of the things we've been telling you DO work for many body types. Meet Sakina from Saks in the City. Her looks and written contribution are one of the newest additions to Vogue Italy called Vogue Curvy (and Vogue definitely knows what they're doing in picking her). We must admit we've been looking for a while now for a good plus size street style blog to no avail. Then we came across beautiful Sakina. And she's got it down. As we were going through her blog, we were choosing some of her looks to highlight and ended up with 17 looks and only made it through the beginning of the year! You guys, this girl knows how to dress, period. It just happens to be that she dresses perfectly for her size and body. Look at the great length of her jackets, the fit and cut of her pants, the looseness of her tops, the skinny cigarette pants, the leather jackets, the boyfriend jeans etc. She's carrying on all the current trends and doing them immaculately in plus size. She's not scared to put on a tight skirt, skinny jeans, or a full dress. We love her! We say you MUST follow her blog for plus size inspiration (or any size inspiration).

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Lucky us...we were in Jackson Wyoming last week for a concert and got to experience the most beautiful surroundings as a result. We never usually go exploring the day of a concert (to conserve energy), but the scenery was such that Melody couldn't resist going out with her little niece to what is called the "Elk Refuge." Sadly it wasn't until we got there that we realized that this "refuge" is usually inhabited by elk in the winter season, not the summer where they are further north (in Yellowstone). But what we did find were fields upon fields of wild flowers. It's cooler up there in Jackson so I was excited to pull out one of my old favorite military green jackets (even though I wish it was a little more parka style instead of bomber). We've both been inspired by pictures like this and this that we couldn't resist putting a similar look together. We are kind of in love with this jacket from Asos or this from Zara going into fall. We think the military green look is the perfect way to go casual when you're feeling like you just need to be comfy and cozy come autumn.

Oh and lastly, we had a comment the other day about why we would be disappointed or annoyed when we saw a trend that was not off the runway become obsessed about in the main stream. Here is our reasoning... it's kind of a pet peeve of ours when some one or some entity says that something is in style or on trend when they have nothing to back it up with. We hope to never tell you that something is "in" when it is actually far from it. That's why we are so in to paring down looks from the runway or other high end designers. That way you and we know that something is on trend and we're not just making it up. So there you go! And of course we have our hits and misses (like everyone) but we hope to at least give you a sense of what's coming off the runways and how to be cutting edge but not crazy.

Friday, August 17, 2012


Um yes please. What better way to combine our Olympic closing ceremony post with last week's Mango post? Well just get Kate Moss to model for the clothing line. We are so going to try the look above with the blazer, ripped jeans and loose t-shirt. And that dress is amazing. But do you know what is even more amazing about it? It's $30! Check it out here (also the blazer is only $40 in many different colors). We say go for it people!

Thursday, August 16, 2012


Here's a casual Thursday look for you guys. Melody wore this to a parade the other day and ultimately dressed for comfort. If any of you are on Pinterest you might have noticed that many people are becoming obsessed with "mint" things at the moment. At first we were annoyed since the mint color was really used pretty sparingly on the runways (seen first at the Louis Vuitton Spring 2012 show here and here). And then we think the Pinterest trend must have stuck in our brains because when we saw this bag for sale the other day in an asian boutique we couldn't resist being drawn to the color. It makes us think of 1950s appliances and cars. So in the end, it was bought. And for some reason the urge to pair it with 50's skirts is coming on strong.... 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012



I'm sure most of us watched as fashion strangely had a part in the closing ceremonies of the Olympics this past weekend. Kate moss looked stunning in her Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen dress while the Duchess (other Kate) looked beautiful as usual in her Whistles dress. And finally what a stunning Victoria Beckham gold dress that Georgia May Jagger wore (Mic Jagger's daughter). Gold seemed to be the glitzy color of the night, so here's a better look at that Beckham dress. And finally, yay for dresses that cover more being showcased! Cheers to the Brits!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


We started off spring and summer pairing our brights with neutrals (which of course we still do), but we've decided to initiate the end of the season by going bolder with our brights. Here Desirae decided to pair her red Fire jeans (Nordstrom brand) with a peach H&M top creating a bold and bright look while her accessories were kept more neutral (the platforms, bracelets and necklaces are Forever 21). You can see Emma Stone with a similar outfit and concept here. We both decided in the end that it's really fun to wear something so colorful. It definitely made us happy. So before we start to get ahead of ourselves and think about fall palettes, let's first live out the rest of our very warm summer and have fun with it. And crazy enough, you may end up not wanting to put away your bright colors for fall, since bright pops of color were seen on MANY runways (like here and here). Of course they're paired differently than the Spring/Summer brights, but we'll get into that later.  For now, enjoy the warmth!