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Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Lucky us...we were in Jackson Wyoming last week for a concert and got to experience the most beautiful surroundings as a result. We never usually go exploring the day of a concert (to conserve energy), but the scenery was such that Melody couldn't resist going out with her little niece to what is called the "Elk Refuge." Sadly it wasn't until we got there that we realized that this "refuge" is usually inhabited by elk in the winter season, not the summer where they are further north (in Yellowstone). But what we did find were fields upon fields of wild flowers. It's cooler up there in Jackson so I was excited to pull out one of my old favorite military green jackets (even though I wish it was a little more parka style instead of bomber). We've both been inspired by pictures like this and this that we couldn't resist putting a similar look together. We are kind of in love with this jacket from Asos or this from Zara going into fall. We think the military green look is the perfect way to go casual when you're feeling like you just need to be comfy and cozy come autumn.

Oh and lastly, we had a comment the other day about why we would be disappointed or annoyed when we saw a trend that was not off the runway become obsessed about in the main stream. Here is our reasoning... it's kind of a pet peeve of ours when some one or some entity says that something is in style or on trend when they have nothing to back it up with. We hope to never tell you that something is "in" when it is actually far from it. That's why we are so in to paring down looks from the runway or other high end designers. That way you and we know that something is on trend and we're not just making it up. So there you go! And of course we have our hits and misses (like everyone) but we hope to at least give you a sense of what's coming off the runways and how to be cutting edge but not crazy.

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