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Monday, August 27, 2012


OK so here's the shot with the hair. I had it way more slicked back at first, but it seriously looked like I was bald! I saw one picture and ended up giving it more height. But really I think it's our massive foreheads that make this particular hairstyle never work on either of us :).
    On with the inspiration. About a month ago we tweeted about how we saw an article in Vogue that talked all about wearing shorts with blazers. We got so excited that we couldn't wait to try out the pairing. We wore the combo for a while before it was finally shot for you guys, but we have to say that we think this is a great outfit for later summer. You know, the days where it's fairly warm out, but in the evenings it gets a bit cooler. I made the mistake of wearing this to an outdoor concert earlier in the summer and later regretted it with the heat. So definitely try it as it cools off a bit. We think then it will be more conducive to the weather. Zara blazer; Forever 21 shorts; Chinese Laundry shoes; Aldo bag; Forever 21 cuff; Kennecott quartz necklace and Tai Pan sunglasses.


  1. Such a classy outfit. It looks great with the undo!
    BJ xx

  2. Very nice! And your hair is always looking lovely. The pulled back look can be kinda tricky, once I was experimenting with it and people had a hard time recognizing me!

  3. love it. lvoe the white and black.

  4. I have a massive forehead, too, so can relate. In all honesty, I think you look younger with your hair down and with bangs. Plus, you always look fabulously adorable with your usual hairdo. No need to worry about wearing it up :) But it was fun to see just the same.