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Thursday, August 30, 2012


One thing you don't realize when you see street style blogs is that there is always someone behind the camera. We're always curious as to who's taking the pictures behind the scenes for some of our favorite dressers. Because you know what? They have to be incredibly patient. When we as sisters take each others' shots we're fine to take more time for detailed photos of our accessories, shoes, etc. But when someone else gets roped into it...say a husband... you feel more like getting a shot can be awkward at less opportune times. For instance, this was taken while out to dinner with some extended family. We broke away for a second to grab the shot before the light fell. So one shot was all I got (even though said man would've been happy to take more, I felt bad). And so, here is the shot showing an old H&M dress paired with metallic flats, gold and coral bangles and boutique bag.  Sometimes a good dress is all you need for a weekend night. This particular one I love pairing with black tights, a chanel-ish jacket and booties, with the onset of cooler weather. Maybe come fall we'll get to show you that look. Until then, enjoy!


  1. Whats wrong with the pic? I think its cute.

    1. Oh nothing's wrong with it :). We just wish we could give you more. One shot's all we got!