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Friday, August 24, 2012


We just thought this was pretty dang classy...end of story. Lanvin's fall collection was definitely cool, but the bomber type top mixed with the flared skirt definitely took the cake for us. Also in a recent post coming up one of us tried to slick our hair back like so many girls do, and we just think it looks horrible on us. Do you guys feel like there are hairstyles that you just can't pull off? Please tell us we aren't alone....


  1. You are not alone. I don't look good with hair. As in the 1980's BIG hair. How we ever thought that was attractive I'd love to know. Hair completely swallows my face. So it's super short or long and pulled back. Short is way better and long is really not a happening thing anymore. I'm looking forward to seeing your hair slicked back, which is so kind of gave us a taste of that in your recent quilt post.

  2. I know exactly what you mean... I've never been a fan of the way I look when my hair is severely pulled back, so it's usually down in my face. I recently cropped it into a pixie cut, and that's definitely caused a serious adjustment in my style.

    I *love* this Lanvin look... that skirt is kind of amazing!

  3. You are not alone.

    I have basically worn my hair in no other style but "out" or "down" for the last 6 years, because I feel there is no hairstyle (that I can do myself), that flatters my face.

    Once or twice I've tried something like a side bun or half up, half down, and my sister will just look at me with this LOOK and say, "Oh...why did you do your hair like that?" in a fake innocent tone. Then she tells me that my hair is so nice I should just leave it alone...

  4. I can't do the top much as I'd like to. I do it at home, of course, but NOT in public!! My forehead is too large.

  5. Perfection! The styling is impeccable. Love.