Tuesday, May 15, 2012

MODEST LOOKBOOK - Eva Green in Tom Ford

Looks like Eva Green has picked Tom Ford twice for two of the "Dark Shadows" premieres recently (the new Jonny Depp/Tim Burton movie). You can view her other look here. We've loved all of the Tom Ford looks as of late. They're simple, yet extremely sophisticated and classy. Oh and in case some of you are confused as to why we share modest red carpet looks, runway looks, etc., even though so few of us can ever afford such clothing? It's because we feel that if women and girls saw how many celebrities are wearing, and designers are creating, looks without a lot of skin, maybe they wouldn't feel so alone if they chose to cover up more. We felt alone when we looked for gowns, dresses, tops or skirts that covered enough and were stylish enough. Then we met and worked with the designer Zac Posen in dressing us for his fall 2009 line. When we told him some of our requirements in coverage, he didn't blink an eye. He said "oh, well we have MANY requests like that" - like it was no big deal. We were stunned. We weren't alone after all. It was then that we realized it went beyond religion. Many older women have similar requests, or younger women who don't want to show certain parts of their bodies because they think them unflattering. So that's why we created this blog. 
    But back to religion... some people really don't realize how big of a deal it actually is within religious families, communities and cultures.  It's something you grow up with, or convert into. And we'll admit, we haven't always dressed "modestly." But for some reason, when you walk into a church, cathedral, temple, or sacred place wherever you are in the world, you suddenly feel a bit self conscious. Or take that a step further... why do you think there is "office wear"? We tend to feel self conscious showing skin in these places because they are environments where the mind or the sacred is supposed to be the focus. And believe us theoretically, fashion and religion or fashion and office wear don't mix terribly well. But that doesn't mean we all need to wear boring black suits or long linen skirts with long-sleeved cotton t-shirts (even though we think this is an awesome version of the look :)!
    For instance, you all remember the royal wedding right? Did you notice that every single woman as a guest at that event wore what most of us would consider to be "modest" in coverage of their bodies (we're not talking about the broader definition of the word)? There's a reason for that. No one feels a need to go into a religious or sacred place showing skin. And that's the mentality we and others have for our daily lives. That's why the blog. That's why the red carpet looks, the runway looks, the street style looks. We just want people to know that there are options out there. And hey, we'd say Tom Ford is a pretty good one today!

Monday, May 14, 2012

WHAT WE WORE - TIffany Mother's Day Event

Since Desirae lives in New York now, our sister Deondra joined us for the Tiffany event this week (seen below). Here's what she wore (which we loved). We've been telling you guys to keep a look out for Chanel-looking jackets as of late (here and here to show a couple), but we must admit we found this one on a thrifting trip. You also might have seen us tweet about a black boucle jacket we found? Well this is it (if you look through our tweets you might have seen the price of this here jacket[!]). Anyway, we were a bit jealous that Deondra  ended up with it, but happy that she had a great piece to add to her collection. Anyway, she paired it with a H&M tee, H&M cobalt belt, Forever 21 Jeans, Forever 21 Chanel-inspired bag (sadly only the chain is seen here) and Target sandals. We say she's one hot mama!

Friday, May 11, 2012


The Store
The Refreshments
The Mother and Daughter
The Donning of Jewelry
The Schlumberger Ring
Learning about Schlumberger
Amazing Paloma's Zellige Ring
The Necklace of Choice - Double Schlumberger Egg (plus Tiffany Key)
The Sunglasses (also Tiffany Key and Victoria Necklace)
The perks of our day job...
And don't forget the box!

So we know this has really nothing to do with modesty, and we rarely post about the specifics of jewelry, but when we're invited to an event, we love to fill you in. So here is our coverage of an event Tiffany held this week celebrating mothers day. The invite shared their thoughts... "Tiffany is celebrating mothers and daughters and the special tradition of little girls dressing up to be like their moms." Since Desirae couldn't make it, we thought our sister Deondra and her little girl Adrienne would fit the invite pretty well. Right after Deondra had little Adrienne, she realized she never really liked the color pink and didn't have much patience for the sometimes froofy things little girls wear. So rather, Adrienne wears T-shirts from places like Lucky (pictured), much like her mother. We figured this did sort of fit in with Tiffany's invite. And really, we think the way mothers like to dress their daughters, tends to influence them later in wanting to dress like their mothers (Vogue seems to agree here). (Oh and in case you're wondering, we come from a fairly long line of stylish women so this is definitely the case. It says something when people think your grandmother is more stylish than you.) In any case, these two fit the invite.
   The brand new store at City Creek is absolutely beautiful, and it was amazing to go in and try on anything and everything in the store. That goes for little Adrienne too! They were decking her out! We learned about Jean Michel Schlumberger and his amazing Tiffany designs. Never thought we'd get an education in jewelry while there! The stories behind them are pretty cool, including the enamel and gold bangles that eventually got the nickname the "Jackie Bracelet" (since Jackie Kennedy wore them all of the time). Oh and you might recognize this design of his, the famous "Bird on a Rock" - the highlight of the New York Tiffany store (being over 128 carats!).
   So all in all, it was a fun morning. Oh! And you might be wondering about the Tiffany chain little Adrienne is wearing? That bracelet was given to Adrienne's mom as a gift from a fabulous patron to the arts. (Yes, sometimes we have perks to our day job.)
    Lastly, with mother's day being this weekend, don't rule Tiffany out! If you're just dying to spoil your mother, they've got some great pieces. We know we've only received the blue box a couple of times in our lives, and something about it just gets a person excited....

Thursday, May 10, 2012

THE DUCHESS - wearing Roland Mouret

On the topic of formal wear and red carpets, we might as well include this look that Kate Middleton wore the other night to a Thirty Club event where William was speaking.  We think it's hilarious how everyone is calling it a "daring dress." Why? Because of the slit up the middle. How interesting, that she's all covered up and people call it "daring." In any case, we love the overall look and are glad she threw on the sassy Jimmy Choo shoes. They're definitely a change from her usual prim look. By the way, what do you all think of the term "daring"? Fitting or not? (Eh hem...we must give you all of the evidence....)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Linda Evangelista in Prada
Caroline Trentini in Theyskins' Theory

Liya Kebede in Tory Burch

Mia Wasikowska in Prada

Tory Burch in Tory Burch

Rosie Huntington Whitely in Burberry

Jaime King in Topshop

Ginnifer Goodwin in Monique Lhullier

Lily Collins in Valentino Couture

Camerin Diaz in Stella McCartney

Rihanna in Tom Ford

Sarah Jessica Parker in Valentino Couture

Karolina Kurkova in Rachel Zoe

Dakota Fanning in Louis Vuitton

Anna Wintour in Prada

Mary-Kate Olsen in The Row

Here are the more modest looks from the Met Costume Institute Gala Monday night. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the event, some have come to title it the "night of a 1,000 dresses". It's an evening wear who's who in film, TV, runway and print take their favorite designers to one of the glitziest balls of the year. So really it's just a night of crazy designer fashion and celebrity. And again, we were pretty excited to see so many sleeved looks this year. Now it's your turn for some input... do you guys have any favorites?

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


On the subject of J. Crew, here is another look of ours that we just shot that reminded us of the "looks we love" stylings. Again, although they are slightly different, you can kind of see how the elements are pretty similar. We both chose to keep the outfit really basic and then accessorize with color. Although our color is more faint, feel free to do what J. Crew has done and go more bold. We have another look coming where we are showcasing colored shoes (similar to J. Crew's pictured above), so keep a look out!