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Monday, May 14, 2012

WHAT WE WORE - TIffany Mother's Day Event

Since Desirae lives in New York now, our sister Deondra joined us for the Tiffany event this week (seen below). Here's what she wore (which we loved). We've been telling you guys to keep a look out for Chanel-looking jackets as of late (here and here to show a couple), but we must admit we found this one on a thrifting trip. You also might have seen us tweet about a black boucle jacket we found? Well this is it (if you look through our tweets you might have seen the price of this here jacket[!]). Anyway, we were a bit jealous that Deondra  ended up with it, but happy that she had a great piece to add to her collection. Anyway, she paired it with a H&M tee, H&M cobalt belt, Forever 21 Jeans, Forever 21 Chanel-inspired bag (sadly only the chain is seen here) and Target sandals. We say she's one hot mama!

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