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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

MODEST LOOKBOOK - Eva Green in Tom Ford

Looks like Eva Green has picked Tom Ford twice for two of the "Dark Shadows" premieres recently (the new Jonny Depp/Tim Burton movie). You can view her other look here. We've loved all of the Tom Ford looks as of late. They're simple, yet extremely sophisticated and classy. Oh and in case some of you are confused as to why we share modest red carpet looks, runway looks, etc., even though so few of us can ever afford such clothing? It's because we feel that if women and girls saw how many celebrities are wearing, and designers are creating, looks without a lot of skin, maybe they wouldn't feel so alone if they chose to cover up more. We felt alone when we looked for gowns, dresses, tops or skirts that covered enough and were stylish enough. Then we met and worked with the designer Zac Posen in dressing us for his fall 2009 line. When we told him some of our requirements in coverage, he didn't blink an eye. He said "oh, well we have MANY requests like that" - like it was no big deal. We were stunned. We weren't alone after all. It was then that we realized it went beyond religion. Many older women have similar requests, or younger women who don't want to show certain parts of their bodies because they think them unflattering. So that's why we created this blog. 
    But back to religion... some people really don't realize how big of a deal it actually is within religious families, communities and cultures.  It's something you grow up with, or convert into. And we'll admit, we haven't always dressed "modestly." But for some reason, when you walk into a church, cathedral, temple, or sacred place wherever you are in the world, you suddenly feel a bit self conscious. Or take that a step further... why do you think there is "office wear"? We tend to feel self conscious showing skin in these places because they are environments where the mind or the sacred is supposed to be the focus. And believe us theoretically, fashion and religion or fashion and office wear don't mix terribly well. But that doesn't mean we all need to wear boring black suits or long linen skirts with long-sleeved cotton t-shirts (even though we think this is an awesome version of the look :)!
    For instance, you all remember the royal wedding right? Did you notice that every single woman as a guest at that event wore what most of us would consider to be "modest" in coverage of their bodies (we're not talking about the broader definition of the word)? There's a reason for that. No one feels a need to go into a religious or sacred place showing skin. And that's the mentality we and others have for our daily lives. That's why the blog. That's why the red carpet looks, the runway looks, the street style looks. We just want people to know that there are options out there. And hey, we'd say Tom Ford is a pretty good one today!


  1. Thanks for this! I love it and your way of stating the importance of dressing for the occasion so well!

  2. Lovely gown!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  3. Very well written! You stated very well why many women and girls care about dressing modestly. Especially the part about religion - many people have a hard time understanding just how important faith is to religious people - that it becomes part of their identity and not just a label they happen to subscribe to.

    Anyway, I saw this article that I thought you'd be interested in. It looks like celebs are opting for more modest styles these days!