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Friday, May 11, 2012


The Store
The Refreshments
The Mother and Daughter
The Donning of Jewelry
The Schlumberger Ring
Learning about Schlumberger
Amazing Paloma's Zellige Ring
The Necklace of Choice - Double Schlumberger Egg (plus Tiffany Key)
The Sunglasses (also Tiffany Key and Victoria Necklace)
The perks of our day job...
And don't forget the box!

So we know this has really nothing to do with modesty, and we rarely post about the specifics of jewelry, but when we're invited to an event, we love to fill you in. So here is our coverage of an event Tiffany held this week celebrating mothers day. The invite shared their thoughts... "Tiffany is celebrating mothers and daughters and the special tradition of little girls dressing up to be like their moms." Since Desirae couldn't make it, we thought our sister Deondra and her little girl Adrienne would fit the invite pretty well. Right after Deondra had little Adrienne, she realized she never really liked the color pink and didn't have much patience for the sometimes froofy things little girls wear. So rather, Adrienne wears T-shirts from places like Lucky (pictured), much like her mother. We figured this did sort of fit in with Tiffany's invite. And really, we think the way mothers like to dress their daughters, tends to influence them later in wanting to dress like their mothers (Vogue seems to agree here). (Oh and in case you're wondering, we come from a fairly long line of stylish women so this is definitely the case. It says something when people think your grandmother is more stylish than you.) In any case, these two fit the invite.
   The brand new store at City Creek is absolutely beautiful, and it was amazing to go in and try on anything and everything in the store. That goes for little Adrienne too! They were decking her out! We learned about Jean Michel Schlumberger and his amazing Tiffany designs. Never thought we'd get an education in jewelry while there! The stories behind them are pretty cool, including the enamel and gold bangles that eventually got the nickname the "Jackie Bracelet" (since Jackie Kennedy wore them all of the time). Oh and you might recognize this design of his, the famous "Bird on a Rock" - the highlight of the New York Tiffany store (being over 128 carats!).
   So all in all, it was a fun morning. Oh! And you might be wondering about the Tiffany chain little Adrienne is wearing? That bracelet was given to Adrienne's mom as a gift from a fabulous patron to the arts. (Yes, sometimes we have perks to our day job.)
    Lastly, with mother's day being this weekend, don't rule Tiffany out! If you're just dying to spoil your mother, they've got some great pieces. We know we've only received the blue box a couple of times in our lives, and something about it just gets a person excited....


  1. You're outfits are always perfect, and she is so cute :) Miss you!

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