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Thursday, May 10, 2012

THE DUCHESS - wearing Roland Mouret

On the topic of formal wear and red carpets, we might as well include this look that Kate Middleton wore the other night to a Thirty Club event where William was speaking.  We think it's hilarious how everyone is calling it a "daring dress." Why? Because of the slit up the middle. How interesting, that she's all covered up and people call it "daring." In any case, we love the overall look and are glad she threw on the sassy Jimmy Choo shoes. They're definitely a change from her usual prim look. By the way, what do you all think of the term "daring"? Fitting or not? (Eh hem...we must give you all of the evidence....)


  1. I think she looks great. Probably wouldn't use the word 'daring' either. She always looks so classy! And pretty much always modest.

  2. Daring...okay...Cute shoes! I'm not sure I like the dress (not because of the slit) it's just sort of...plain, I guess?
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  3. If she showed an elbow would it be daring? When she wears skinny jeans is it daring? No. This isn't "daring," it's classy.