Wednesday, November 7, 2012

KATE BOSWORTH - Burberry Prorsum

Here's some more Burberry inspiration for you. We happened to have loved this sweater when Kate showed up wearing it at the Fall Burberry Prorsum show. Now, we don't know if this is really 'legal,' but we found an exact copy here for A LOT less (we're actually stunned there IS an exact copy. We say "legal" because we know knock off brands can potentially get in a lot of trouble when something is an exact replica). But here you have it! If you're looking for a celebrity/runway look for much cheaper, we've also got a similar skirt and pair of boots as well. Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


peach chiffon maxi skirt

We're loving this more springy skirt taken into the fall. We saw lots of maxi skirts make their way into the colder weather last year, and we would guess that fashionistas will do similarly this year. Want the key pieces here on the cheap? There is a very similar skirt we found here and we loved her blue velvet handbag so much that we found something like it here.

Monday, November 5, 2012


Maternity Sweater

striped sweater with button down
biker heel boots and animal print clutch
Thread Ethic

Here's another edgy maternity look for you guys. Desirae paired her Zara faux leather skinnies (still sold here) with husband's striped sweater and her own button down underneath. Yeah you heard us right. Her husband has pretty good taste with his classic Banana Republic sweater, that she had to steal it. She finished the look with some major booties, Zara clutch (similar here) and bold chain Forever 21 necklace. Wanna go for some more casual versions of the look? There's Emma Watson here, and Olivia Palermo here and a random faceless person here. Enjoy!

Friday, November 2, 2012

STREET STYLE - Denim and black

Loving this girl's look. It's so basic, but looks really chic. She's got black ridged (what looks to be) jeggings, brown semi-braided belt, black boots, denim shirt, topped off with a classic trench. We say you should go for it! It seems to be the perfect fall outfit.

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Oh my gosh you guys. You HAVE to buy this jacket. We picked it up at H&M for $30. This is a piece you will not regret. It's definitely something classic that could be used for a long time. We paired it with a black chiffon skirt (similar here), black sheer ruffled blouse (similar here) and boutique bracelets. Since our skirt is midi length and we wanted it a tad bit shorter, we pulled it up and then tied our sheer blouse over it in front to keep it in place. And voila! A little chiffon black dress!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Halloween nurse costume
Desirae as a nurse
dead Hugh Hefner/playboy bunny, husband and wife halloween costume
Murdered Hugh Hefner and play boy bunny girlfriend
(sadly he took his headband off which had a stilleto heel glued) 
 (he is almost barfing here from the food fear factor we played)
adult baby halloween costume
Adult babies
halloween costume idea, biohazard man
Biohazard man 
(unveiling the fear factor food, which consisted of pig hocks, the stinkiest cheese ever, liver, and old mussels)
(he was actually in the army, so...)
poncho villa halloween costume
Poncho Villa 
(sadly he took off the massive mustache for fear factor)
storm trooper halloween costume
(after apple bobbing, he could've fit right into the Star Wars trash compactor scene)
white trash (with mullet wig)
Fairy (bridesmaid dress with wings)
Captain America adult halloween costume
Captain America
halloween paint balling
We ended the night paint balling
bloody old portrait, halloween party ideas
"Bloody" portraits 
(enlarged composer portraits...sorry Mozart!) 
with florescent spray paint blood (to glow)
Halloween Party Ideas, white sheets over furniture, coffin table
The party scene

Need last minute costume ideas? Although we're a fashion blog, we can cover halloween fashion, right? We held a crazy halloween party a few years back and had quite a few ideas for you today. Since costume was mandatory (if you came without, you were the one paint balled at the end), all of our friends and family came dressed up (which posed a bit of a problem for who to paint ball). If you're looking for a fairly quick costume, the nurse idea Desirae is wearing up top started from making a nurse cap then pairing with a white dress (or skirt and top). Pretty dang easy. Biohazard man was also easy...paint suit and goggles (at any home depot), with biohazard symbol colored on with marker, florescent glow stick completes the look. Also easier is the white trash look - plaid shirt, jeans and mullet (if you're a girl, you could use a short wig the same color as your longer hair).

Last minute party ideas:
We set the party to Bach on harpsichord, white sheets over the furniture, bloody old portraits on the walls, crooked lamp shades, a coffin table (made out of two old boards set over oval coffee table, covered in black cloth), candle light, and blacklight bulbs in the recessed lighting.

Party fun: fear factor food competition was the hit. The prize (to entice people to participate) was the movie "Willow." We also had apple bobbing and donut eating (all for prizes...which included Michael Jackson albums, candy, and horror movies from the 70's). So if you've run out of ideas on your halloween party or costume, here you go!

Happy Halloween from Thread Ethic!