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Thursday, November 1, 2012


Oh my gosh you guys. You HAVE to buy this jacket. We picked it up at H&M for $30. This is a piece you will not regret. It's definitely something classic that could be used for a long time. We paired it with a black chiffon skirt (similar here), black sheer ruffled blouse (similar here) and boutique bracelets. Since our skirt is midi length and we wanted it a tad bit shorter, we pulled it up and then tied our sheer blouse over it in front to keep it in place. And voila! A little chiffon black dress!


  1. Thanks for the HM tip! The first HM in Austin opens today, and I am super excited to finally purchase so many of the cute items I have been eye-ing on their website.

  2. I saw that jacket at H&M and thought it was really cute! Now, I'm debating whether to go back and buy it, you are totally selling that jacket! :)

  3. This jacket is fabulous. Love the one on clothed much as well.