Thursday, November 15, 2012


biker jacket and tweed

biker jacket and tweed

Melody chose to showcase her thrifted tweed pants here. She found these and semi-freaked out that the pockets were leather trimmed! She fell in love immediately. Then after she put together this look, she saw that H&M put together a very similar look. Melody decided against the rounded white collar in this particular shot since she had already showcased it in another look, but believe us, all these elements had been worn a few times on tour before we made the H&M connection. We shouldn't care, but it's a happy accident that somehow makes you feel validated in your fashion choices :).

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

RAWARDS - Salt Lake City

Come out tomorrow for one of the biggest nights of art in Salt lake City! The RAW organization (a national arts organization dedicated to finding up and coming artists on a grass roots level) is having their annual RAWards tomorrow at 7pm. There you will be able to vote live for the best in film, visual artists, performing artists, clothing and accessories designers, hair and make-up artists, musicians and photographers in the state. All the while, you get quite the event - runway shows, bands, gallery strolls etc. Those that win will go on to compete on the national level held in L.A. in January. Come show your support not only for the artists, but for the state of Utah by helping us send the best of the best the state has to offer. If you come, one of us will be judging so keep an eye out.... Hope to see you tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


maternity fashion
turtleneck and necklaces
bow pumps
turtleneck and necklace

Desirae's maternity look today was very much inspired by an article she saw in Vogue showing fashionistas sporting turtlenecks with layers of necklaces. The rest of the look was formed in hues of grey with a loose fit turtleneck on top and skinnies on bottom. We know snow has set in for a lot of the country, but these bow tipped pumps are Zara (from a previous season). We can find LouboutinsLanvins or Valentinos that look similar to these all day, but as far as a lower price point shoe, this is the closest we could get. The jacket is also from a previous season, but we know there is one that looks very similar at H&M right now. 

Also as a side note... for all you ladies going through the maternity fashion dilemma, here is a great article we found about Rachel Zoe's awesome maternity style. She gives some REALLY great tips on how to stay stylish while pregnant. Here's an extended version that abcnews picked up. Enjoy!

Monday, November 12, 2012


white on white

With all the snow around the country we figured we'd give you some white. There's a part of us that just wants to reach out and give this girl a hug. Doesn't she look so soft? Well, all but the large chain necklaces and bracelets that really give the overall look some edge. By the way, who ever said you can't wear white after labor day?

Friday, November 9, 2012


Leather and graphic

An awesome combo here. It definitely catches your eye, but doesn't scream at you (like so many people try to do at fashion week).  We like the simplicity of the pieces, but find the pop of the graphic pulls this look out of the norm. Add a coat like this and your ready for some cold weather wear.

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Burberry Prorsum Resort inspired
Burberry Prorsum Resort inspired

Burberry Prorsum Resort inspired

Burberry Prorsum Resort inspired

You don't really think of Chicago as having beaches, but of course yes... yes, it does. On one of our off days during tour we decided to venture out of our cozy abode and go down to one of my brother's favorite spots in the city at sunset. He says "this is where I come to throw rocks and think things over." Evidently he's not the only one mesmerized by the rocks (see the 'cairn' or stack of rocks above). But we have to agree, this is quite the spot to see the city.

The outfit Melody wore was one she was excited about. This is the jacket she had to buy because it looked so similar to something from the Burberry Prorsum lines. Actually this whole outfit was inspired (and just maybe an out-right copy) of this look from the Resort 2013 collection.  Yep, some people really like Burberry over here. Jacket is H&M (in stores now), Pants are from H&M but older (similar here and here), striped tee is H&M (you must buy this similar one now) and bag is from a store called Taipan.