Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Spring White with Trench Coat

Black chain bag

Trench with white button down

Trench paired with all whtie

White with Trench and Black Accessories

We were lucky and caught a lot of Spring weather in Texas, Florida and California, so we were finally able to break out the trench coats. And doesn't it just feel so springy to wear all white again? We also like the juxtaposition of the black accessories. Trench is from Banana Republic, shoes are Forever 21, bag is Shop Suey (similar here).

Friday, March 1, 2013

In-between Weather

Tulle with cable knit sweater
Tulle skirt, leopard heels

watch and bracelets

Since we did a lot of touring in Texas this past month, we hit a lot of  "in between weather." There were days where it would be in the 70's and days in the 50's. But then there's the 60's. The upper 60's are the most difficult. You wanna throw on a skirt, but you're afraid if you put a t-shirt with it you'll be too cold. So why not put a sweater over it? This kind of reminds us the fabulous outfit Alexa Chung donned over London's fashion week below. Or how about some Sartorialist tulle?

Tuesday, February 26, 2013






It's a lovely color and we think it looks flattering on all different colorings. We just saw a layout in Vogue covering the fact that cobalt is hot at the moment. We also knew that it was shown on a lot on this season's runways. Melody's look is a skirt and top combo (that just happened to be exactly the same shade), but we say if you're out shopping, go ahead and be partial to the color!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

White Button Down under Blue Linen

White button down under blue linen

White button down under blue linen
White button down under blue linen
White button down blue linen
wrapped chains necklace

Look who's back! Desirae's out on the road again from her maternity leave! Can you believe it? What a toughy. And here she is looking like a toughy in her heels and all. After having complications every step of the way with her pregnancy, and a crazy finale (with her early delivery and eventual last minute c-section since baby was breech), she's already back touring and we couldn't be more proud. And of course Thread Ethic is glad to have her back on its pages.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Back Stage - Teal Eshakti Dress

Happy Valentine's day to our lovely readers! Here is what we had going last night. Melody wore a teal Eshakti dress on stage after intermission with J.Crew pewter belt and ballroom-esque lower heels. Since we were working last night, luckily we get the day off today and will be celebrating the day of love on the slopes up here in Vail. Wish us luck that we don't break an arm since we're still in the middle of a tour (crossing fingers).  Are you all going out to fancy dinners tonight? If so, you should facebook us with what you're wearing. We'd love to see!

Thursday, February 7, 2013


While we're replacing a lens and out on tour for a month, we decided to recycle a few archived looks for some of you who might have followed us since. Hats are coming on strong on the street (like here) and we're glad we were a a part of it's inception. We think we may have to get a couple more for the crazy traveling days. Melody could use one today since she woke up too early to really care too much about her hair. The joys of Radio interviews. No one gets to see what you look like!

Monday, February 4, 2013


US Navy Sweatshirt
US Navy Sweatshirt
US Navy sweatshirt
Walmart black aviator sunglasses
US Navy Sweatshirt
US Navy Sweatshirt

When Melody moved she started finding crazy things that she didn't even know existed in her household. One thing she found in her husband's wear was a US Navy sweatshirt. She pulled it out and got pretty excited about the possibilities with such a gem. The funny thing is that the guy in her life doesn't even know where it came from. So free reign it was! After she found it, these images popped up on her boards in Pinterest and more inspiration was born. Paired with her light grey Zara jeans, her older black bomber jacket from H&M and her Nordstrom booties, we've got an edgier, SUPER warm outfit for you today. Lastly, the glasses were quite the find at Walmart.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

UGG SNOW BOOTS - The Adirondack Boot

Plaid Coat and Ugg Adirondack Boot
Ugg Adirondack Snow Boots
Zara Plaid Coat

Ugg Adirondack Snow Boots

So did you ever wonder what was in the Nordstrom bag from Christmas on our Instagram? It was these absolutely fantastic Ugg boots. Melody has worn the Adirondack boot almost EVERY day in Utah as of late. She can't go anywhere without them because she will absolutely die from the treacherous snow and ice. These boots have gotten Melody through it all. Being fur-lined with leather uppers and a Gortex sole (being a hiker, Melody knows how important this is), these things will definitely make it to Yellowstone next winter. Although right now they're getting her through the city winter, they've also already made in into her snowshoeing shoes. All in all, you guys should really look into these. She's been trying to sell all of her friends and family on them. Also, it's an extra highlight that after she bought them she realized they were Kristen Stewart's (or rather, Bella Swan's) choice of boot in the Twilight movies.  Not that her style was amazing in those movies, but it's still kinda cool. Oh and lastly, she's wearing a Zara Plaid coat to top it off.

Monday, January 28, 2013


Motorcycle jacket and blue maxi skirt
Motorcycle jacket and blue maxi skirt
Motorcycle jacket and blue maxi skirt

Some people may think Melody is crazy for picking this look for her traveling outfit, but there is a reason behind it. The downside of skinny jeans, is that they are not the most comfortable things to sit in for hours upon hours on an airplane. So when Melody came across this skirt (similar here), she was pretty excited. She loved how long it was since so many maxi skirts seem to feel a bit short. She paired the look with her beige, super comfy cashmere sweater, the grey motorcycle jacket you've seen myriads of times and navy chain bag. It was 10 degrees that day and the cashmere/jacket combo worked. Of course she wasn't walking around a big city. That's when everything changes.

Thursday, January 24, 2013


Military Jacket with Fur Collar
Military Jacket wit Fur Collar
Military jacket with Fur Collar

By the end of this season you will have seen Melody's fur collar with almost every jacket or coat in her closet. Why does she love it so much? Because it changes the look of her fall jackets and makes them more wintry. Put a warm sweater underneath and things are gettin' pretty toasty even though it's freezing outside. Also, make sure you have a really warm pair of tights in your arsenal. Bare legs in the winter is absolutely painful when wearing skirts. We suggest something like these or these. Or how about fleece lined tights? Don't mind if we do. Our tights are SUPER warm and almost feel like leggings, which makes wearing a skirt in the winter nice. Also don't forget about a good tweed skirt! This one is awesome and totally on sale. We suggest you get one since it's a really classic piece that will NEVER go out of style. The one Melody is wearing is from H&M and going on almost 10 years!

Monday, January 21, 2013


Belted Plaid Coat

Belted Plaid Coat

This is a thrifted coat that you might remember and that you'll probably see again soon. Once winter ends up hitting you start seeing our coats multiple times. That's why we're kind of obsessed with outerwear. It's the one thing you end up wearing EVERYDAY. So we're big advocates of thrifted pieces (so you don't end up breaking the bank). We're also huge advocates of putting really big sweaters under jackets which we'll be showing more of soon (to help break up wearing your warmer coats daily). This particular piece we've been loving belted.

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Maternity Swing Dress
Maternity Swing Dress
Maternity Swing Dress
Maternity Swing Dress

Here is Desirae's last maternity look. This one reminded us of the 50's/60's swing look that you see Lucile Ball don a lot through her pregnancy on "I love Lucy". We loved the wider tent-like top with the skinny jeans. Although this dress is from H&M a few seasons back, we are loving these...here and here (this last one with a cardie over it). It's weird to think that Desirae's pregnancy is over! Hope you've enjoyed some maternity looks through the past months....

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


So Melody took a road trip last week with her husband to Oregon.  Since the Thread Ethic lens has been buried, it was very sad to leave the camera behind. Thank goodness for the camera phone! So they're just pluggin along through this winter wonderland, stopping along the way, when they come to the sign above. We've never seen a horse sign before. We thought it was weird, but we kept going. Seconds after this, we saw a big bunch of horses on the road. Melody thought maybe they were let loose from a ranch nearby, but we were on a wildlife preserve. Then the trusty fellow next to her (yeah, that's a husband) remembers watching a documentary about wild horses in Nevada. Sure enough, we were crossing through NV. No horseshoes on these buddies. These guys were born wild and free. It was AMAZING to come to this realization. Why were they on the road? They were going crazy over the salt put down for the ice. Seriously, one of the coolest moments ever. Oh and lastly, Melody's wearing a plaid coat from a boutique in China, but we are loving this one. And for a higher priced coat, this Burberry one is fantastic.