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Tuesday, January 15, 2013


So Melody took a road trip last week with her husband to Oregon.  Since the Thread Ethic lens has been buried, it was very sad to leave the camera behind. Thank goodness for the camera phone! So they're just pluggin along through this winter wonderland, stopping along the way, when they come to the sign above. We've never seen a horse sign before. We thought it was weird, but we kept going. Seconds after this, we saw a big bunch of horses on the road. Melody thought maybe they were let loose from a ranch nearby, but we were on a wildlife preserve. Then the trusty fellow next to her (yeah, that's a husband) remembers watching a documentary about wild horses in Nevada. Sure enough, we were crossing through NV. No horseshoes on these buddies. These guys were born wild and free. It was AMAZING to come to this realization. Why were they on the road? They were going crazy over the salt put down for the ice. Seriously, one of the coolest moments ever. Oh and lastly, Melody's wearing a plaid coat from a boutique in China, but we are loving this one. And for a higher priced coat, this Burberry one is fantastic. 

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