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Wednesday, June 20, 2012



OK, so I don't know if you're like us, but we were just in awe over these little fashion illustrations! Heather over at Latter Day Style is amazing. She contacted us a while back about possibly doing an interview for her blog, but we had no idea she was working on these on the side! When she sent over the questions we have to admit we were pretty impressed. The questions were all so thoughtful and in depth, not only into what makes us tick in our fashion choices, but also some specifics regarding our music and career. Here's just one of the questions she posed (along with our answer)...

I doubt either of you have stay at home kind of
days, but some days being a stay at home mom, I don’t really have anywhere to
go, or anything to dress up for. What is your advice for looking chic on all occasions?

What type of outfit would you wear for a day like that?

Are you kidding me? Everyone has those days. Not to mention many of those days for us are practice days where you know you won't leave the confines of your piano bench. Here's where we can't stress enough to buy nicer clothing that is COMFORTABLE. Sometimes all I want to buy are things that are beautiful on the hanger, and bypass the perfect fitting loose t-shirt just because it seems boring, or less exciting. And yet THAT is what you end up wearing most days. There was a top that both of us bought at Zara for $15 that has been our uniform ever since we bought it. It's so effortless to throw on with almost any pant or skirt. We both wish we had bought 5 more....

We don't want to spoil the rest of the interview, so check it out here. She has quite the talent in illustrating and we're definitely excited to see her blog taking shape. My sister-in-law now even wants to see if she'd do little illustrations of her daughters! Might have to talk to Heather about that one. Regardless, thanks Heather for being so awesome! (and seriously guys, she's the sweetest person ever....)

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  1. Ohhh thanks for doing the interview! you girls rock!