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Thursday, June 21, 2012

VALENTINO RESORT 2013 - What we're seeing....

In case you haven't noticed, designers LOVE designing dresses. It's funny because in this whole collection of 49 looks, most are dresses. Yes there are maybe two pairs of shorts and maybe 8 pant looks, but the vast majority are like these. And what beautiful dresses they are! We know a lot of you don't prefer to wear dresses or skirts, thinking they somehow look "dressy," but sometimes we get confused since what else do you wear when the weather gets hotter than our bodies can take? Here's the predicament for the modest girl...she's either wearing longer shorts to still look casual, or suffering in her jeans. If you're sick of these two options let's offer you some more. OK, so a lot of these dresses are, well "dressy," but putting on a skirt or dress doesn't have to always mean that. Look at the Mexico post below. I'd feel pretty embarrassed showing up to a dressier occasion wearing all that. So let's keep it Flat sandals, flouncy skirts (pencils start dressing things up a bit, unless they look less pencil and more straight like this), casual t-shirt or button down dresses with things like a fedora, or lighter colors...a white or yellow skirt with a loose t-shirt, stripes or denim. Take the 4th look here, the white button down dress, for example. Put on a flat sandal and fedora; or the 8th look (the floral print dress) a flat sandal and a casual bag. Get the idea?

But onto what we're seeing in these looks. Valentino is amazing right now. We've been saying it for quite some time, but do you see how many looks we can put up? That's because almost all of the collection are what we could label pretty modest. We love the longer cap sleeve shown on many of the looks. And here's the "what we're looking at" segment (since of course we can't afford all these magnificent creations)... the collar under dresses. Yes their collars are attached, but we think we can get a similar look. Skinny belts over dresses, pairing the cigarette pant with a peplum, and trying out the "kitten heel" or lower heel. We'll see what the Spring looks bring for Valentino, but we're thinking there might be some similar elements. Stay tuned for fashion week in September....

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