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Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Yeah, it's a bit hard not to sing some James Taylor while you're down there. It's also really hard not to get sunburned. Lets just say by the end of it I wanted to throw the sunscreen over board. But I did it! I survived Mexico without the infamous burns. Thanks to you guys on Facebook I was reminded to get a hat, which helped this burn-less vacation immensely. I found this one (which I literally wore EVERY day) at Forever 21. I must admit it's pretty nice to be able to depend on their store for having a nice, cheap, good-looking (I hope) hat. While I was there I picked up the loose white T ($10) I'm wearing and the sandals. I was looking for some good flat sandals (I even posted on twitter how frustrated I was in not finding any) and then there was a wall of sandals there for $7.50! I picked up two pairs...one in the brown (pictured) and one in metallic. Man, so glad I hit Forever 21 before I left. Also I was pretty proud of my packing this trip. I was happy to see that everything went with everything, the true test of packing. One day we'll do a packing post on here...it's taken us years to figure out how to pack well. Lastly, the bag was $5 at Walmart. I can't exactly recommend it since by the end of the trip it completely fell a apart (and I mean the whole thing ripped in the front), but then again I did have a huge camera and massive water bottle in it. It definitely couldn't take the weight. But if you want a great, cheap and light beach bag, this is the one. Sadly not many pictures of outfits were taken in Mexico (C'mon! It was a vacation!), so here's one of only two. I swear, we need to start posting you guys on here and your vacations....
P.S....the skirt is thrifted.


  1. I got my vacation hat at Forever 21 last year on impulse - and I literally wore it every day in Florida. And many many days since then. I've decided it doesn't matter what else I'm wearing - the white fedora makes it look like an outfit. Great post! And as always, I love your writing!!