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Wednesday, May 16, 2012


OK so we have to admit, one of us has been wanting cream wide-leg trousers since we posted about Zina and Poppy. And do you know where this girl found them? You're not going to like it (since it means you can't buy them too and we really would like to share) but I found them... yes you guessed it, thrifting. Let's just say I have been in love with these pants. The closest we could find online were these by Stella McCartney, but we paid such a fraction of the cost that we'd feel bad sending you there, so definitely be on the lookout. Wedding season has started and they have been my go to piece for the more casual reception setting (not to mention they'd be perfect for the office). I have to admit though, it was a bit difficult to know what to pair them with up top. Too often we see a look sort of like this, where one thinks to pair trousers with something tight on top. But the better look is to go loose and tucked in (partially or fully)... think 40's, like Lauren Bacall and Katharine Hepburn. Oh, and one more thing regarding the wide-leg pant in general. Always make sure they're long enough, but when you pair them with a heel (or flat) see that it doesn't break the pant line. What do I mean? Well let's go back to the Stella McCartney pant here. The platform shoe in the image is making the crease in the pants break. This makes it look alla 90's "90210" for some reason. And let me tell you, I went through a few heels of mine to get the right height for this not to happen. Lastly, I wanted to pair a more structured bag with them, but nothing will fit my massive camera, so slouchy it was. The bag is from a place called Tai Pan and the top is from REI (in the menswear sporting shirts). Oh and the bracelets are Forever 21.


  1. Ok, you've inspired me. I have a pair of similar pants in a reddish-salmony color that I've been a little wary of wearing, but I love your suggestions and will definitely try them!

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