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Thursday, May 17, 2012

ASHI COUTURE - Designer Highlight

Here's a designer we are very unfamiliar with. But his designs are beautiful, aren't they? They remind us of the Dior couture collection we saw for Spring (which we'll post soon). There are bolts upon bolts of whispy fabrics, making for beautiful, frothy collections. 
     Just a little bit about Mohammed Ashi; he's a designer from Kuwait who became known for his caftans. So if you go to his website here, you can see that there is a whole section devoted to some of the most beautiful caftans we've ever seen. But truly he's shining outside of this. His designs are starting to be seen on the red carpet these days by celebrities like Eva Longoria. We definitely think his name will continue to get out there as his beautiful designs become more and more well known. Do you have a favorite? We really can't decide....


  1. Wow, I love the first and the second one, thanks for sharing! I love this blog! :)

  2. I like all the feathery stuff. Theyre really pretty but would you actually be able to wear them out somewhere? It is nice to see something new that mostly covers you up.

    1. You know, we thought about your question quite a bit. Would we wear any of this out? The honest truth is that we wouldn't wear it "out" for say a night on the town. But would we wear these to a formal party? Totally. Oh and can you imagine how great the top red one would be around the holidays? Oh and then there are different lives that necessitate different clothing. Like how we are always looking for formal wear for stage. Or how a journalist is always looking for nicer business attire that still looks young or like her. Or the young business woman who wants to looks professional, but not like a man. But then most of those women at some point or another get invited to something formal, and then it gets difficult to find cool stuff that covers. And here's where this stuff comes in. Yes it's more rare of an occasion, but nonetheless, don't you find them beautiful to behold? So there are our thoughts! Great question!

  3. He's actually saudi arabian! Unique designs..