Friday, September 30, 2011


I guess there's a reason the "little black dress" now has it's own abbreviation. It definitely has become a staple. I was down with Alison here in Houston, thrifting, when she came across this particular black dress. She asked me if I wanted to try it on, but my closet seems to be filled with black from my NYC days (is there anything more chic? But I've been trying to get outside the depths of my black, white and grey closet in order to literally step, like dorothy, into the technicolor world of Oz). But when I found that she had yet to find the perfect little black dress for her closet, I realized a purchase would ensue.

Some of you may wonder when you do find that perfect dress, how to wear it in an everyday way. The key here is accessorizing. Don't be scared of brown...brown seems to pull the black into the realm of casual. And of course what's the all time best way to dress down anything? A motorcycle jacket. Here's what Alison is wearing...bag Forever 21, shoes are DSW, jacket H&M, dress vintage. Want your own vintage black dress? You could try ebay (always check measurements), your local goodwill, salvation army, or DI.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I spotted this girl and her fantastic style from across the Lincoln Center. I love how she pulled all the different elements together - the front tied button down, printed dress and the amazing red bag (Zara has one that is similar...). Normally I'm all about super, super natural looking hair styling and color but I love what this girl has done with her hair color. The whole look is so cool and seemingly effortless.

Monday, September 26, 2011


We're going for a 70's Annie Hall feel with this look and thought wide leg jeans, a tie-neck blouse and fedora hat would do the trick. Tie neck blouses are always chic and they seem to be having a moment this Fall. Topshop has a lovely red tie-neck blouse right now.

Saturday, September 24, 2011


One of us good girls at Thread Ethic is in denial that fall is approaching. She saw Tera here and wanted everything about her outfit to be locked in time. The warmth, the perfect late summer weather, the slight cool breeze; the bright yellow, nautical stripes, boat shoes, and bright orange accessories... it all just needs to remain in a capsule for the perfection of late summer. Boating, beaches, picnics and pools are coming to an end. Isn't this just a bit sad? We think so. Anyway, enough of the summer nostalgia, Tera's pants and amazing cat eye sunglasses are Urban Outfitters, shirt is Forever 21, shoes and bracelet are H&M. We're excited to see what she may do with the yellow pants come fall. Fur anyone?

Friday, September 23, 2011


Brights, brights and more brights my friends. What better way could there be to get in on this trend than with your accessories? These stylish girls show exactly how to go bright, right.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Color was everywhere at FW - even apparently in the form of green lipstick. Even though we're not going to be sporting any green makeup, we definitely love this beautiful gold blouse (which I happened to see being sold at Zara, in case you want to run out and get one yourself, but a modest girl might need to put a little underpinning, or liner, in the drop V back) blue pencil skirt and purple bag combination.

Monday, September 19, 2011


This is me, having some fun at fashion week. I asked another photographer there if he wouldn't mind taking a couple shots on my camera for me and he graciously agreed. He took the camera and told me to look off in the distance very dramatically. Seeing as he was doing me a favor - and seemed like a guy who liked drama and wasn't going to take the shot until I did - I am indeed looking off at the banners hanging from the Metropolitan Opera House. Interestingly, other fashion bloggers at FW also took some photos of this look (which was kind of cool...) and one of them was kind enough to let me know when the shot was up on her blog. You can view it here. Some of the photographers referred to the pastel palette of this look as "so fresh!", and thus you have the title of this post! Thread Ethic was also recently featured on the blog Clothed Much.

Friday, September 16, 2011


Now it's time to share some shots we took at Spring 2012 Fashion Week! We will be showing more of our favorite Fashion Week fashionista looks in upcoming posts as well.

It would only take two seconds at Fashion Week for a girl to realize that platforms are not going anywhere, anytime soon. Platform booties, platform gladiators, wedges, stilettos with name it, they were everywhere! We had heard rumors in the past few seasons that the kitten heel, or other heel heights, might be edging the platform out but we are here to tell you that almost every stylish girl we saw was wearing some type of platform. Aside from discomfort and possibly foot surgery when one is in their 50's, why shouldn't a girl wear a platform? The platform promises to make us taller, longer, slimmer, appear more toned and, honestly, it usually does all those things. So we say hang on to your platforms and enjoy those extra 5 inches at least another season or two, maybe longer (or until you just can't take the pain anymore...whichever comes first).

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


The two of us girls at Thread Ethic were invited to a fashion show at Lincoln Center as part of Fashion Week. We've been to Fashion Week before, first as musician guests, and then to grace the runway as performers. But this time we were invited as fashion bloggers. Can you imagine? Two modest girls playing dress up get invited to Fashion Week. Seeing as only one of us at Thread Ethic lives in New York City and could actually go to the show, I was the lone representative from our little fashion outpost here. We will have more pictures to come, of course! But first, a girl has to figure out what to wear to an event like this. Here's what we came up with - a little moto, a little pleated midi-length skirt, a blousey-blouse (how many trends can we work at once here people!) and some killer bootie heels. Fashion Week here we come!

Monday, September 12, 2011


Here's another warm weather look before the warm weather leaves us. I have loved this midi length, ballet inspired tulle skirt all summer. I've worn it to backyard barbeques, outdoor concerts, and dinner out. This particular styling of it is my summertime concert look but I intend to re-style it for the autumnal season. I call it my tutu skirt. It is from H&M and reminds me of the gorgeous ballet looking skirts Chloe sent down the runway. The Jimi Hendrix tee is from Forever 21.

Friday, September 9, 2011


If we could choose our Fall 2011 wardrobe right here, right now, this would be it. Everything pictured is from Zara. Now I know those of you who don't live near a Zara are rolling your eyes thinking that none of this can be for you but I have to interrupt the exasperation to announce that Zara now has an online store! Yes friends, we can now shop Zara from home in our jammies to our heart's content. You can stop being annoyed now every time we mention Zara on this blog and instead pop online and get yourself some moderately priced chic-ness for yourself. Cheers!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Yes, we know Labor Day was a couple days ago and that technically the old rule of thumb is "No white after Labor Day!" but honestly, who cares about that anymore? This Elle article perfectly explains the no-white-after Labor-Day mantra and why you should maybe let go of some of those silly old "fashion rules". When wearing white, no matter what season, just always keep in mind the weather and the occasion, as you would with any outfit, and you should be good to go. (Hint? We sometimes like to throw a tweed jacket over our white looks in early Fall - we think this somehow adds just the touch of autumnal luxury that a pristine white outfit may be lacking...)

Monday, September 5, 2011


We are really liking boxy, fuller blouses half tucked into cropped or rolled trousers. We snagged this blouse at a thrift store, knowing the eyelet embellishment down the front was too good to pass up, and the pants are Zara. There is a similar blouse at Zara right now that would look great with these cropped trousers from Topshop and some killer heels, like the leopard print pair we've shown here from Forever 21.

Friday, September 2, 2011


"The 70s take the runway" according to The New York Times

So what's the draw of the 70s? Like the Times refers, you can't help but think of such fashionistas as Jackie O and Faye Dunaway. Coming off of the 60s, petticoats were lost, hemlines fell, waist lines were more natural, and the fabrics were flowing, loose and free. We think of the wrap dress Diane Von Furstenberg created (which by the way, you can see she's still making beautiful versions of the same concept today in her pre-fall line) or houses of style like Yves Saint Laurent. As we transition into fall, you'll definitely see us good girls following some of these designers' lead...  Marc By Marc Jacobs, Gucci and Valentino (looks here and here.) Above, Megan is wearing a vintage 70s dress paired with Steve Madden shoes, and bangles by Forever 21.  Below is a brown Marc by Marc Jacobs dress, followed by a fabulous Gucci red dress.

Remember, runway looks are taken as inspiration. We at Thread Ethic are lovers of lining sheer pieces, buttoning lower necklines, etc, etc. :)