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Friday, September 30, 2011


I guess there's a reason the "little black dress" now has it's own abbreviation. It definitely has become a staple. I was down with Alison here in Houston, thrifting, when she came across this particular black dress. She asked me if I wanted to try it on, but my closet seems to be filled with black from my NYC days (is there anything more chic? But I've been trying to get outside the depths of my black, white and grey closet in order to literally step, like dorothy, into the technicolor world of Oz). But when I found that she had yet to find the perfect little black dress for her closet, I realized a purchase would ensue.

Some of you may wonder when you do find that perfect dress, how to wear it in an everyday way. The key here is accessorizing. Don't be scared of brown...brown seems to pull the black into the realm of casual. And of course what's the all time best way to dress down anything? A motorcycle jacket. Here's what Alison is wearing...bag Forever 21, shoes are DSW, jacket H&M, dress vintage. Want your own vintage black dress? You could try ebay (always check measurements), your local goodwill, salvation army, or DI.

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