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Friday, September 16, 2011


Now it's time to share some shots we took at Spring 2012 Fashion Week! We will be showing more of our favorite Fashion Week fashionista looks in upcoming posts as well.

It would only take two seconds at Fashion Week for a girl to realize that platforms are not going anywhere, anytime soon. Platform booties, platform gladiators, wedges, stilettos with name it, they were everywhere! We had heard rumors in the past few seasons that the kitten heel, or other heel heights, might be edging the platform out but we are here to tell you that almost every stylish girl we saw was wearing some type of platform. Aside from discomfort and possibly foot surgery when one is in their 50's, why shouldn't a girl wear a platform? The platform promises to make us taller, longer, slimmer, appear more toned and, honestly, it usually does all those things. So we say hang on to your platforms and enjoy those extra 5 inches at least another season or two, maybe longer (or until you just can't take the pain anymore...whichever comes first).


  1. I am sure you are correct that platforms are everywhere. Unfortunately they don't enhance the look of the feet, at least the two pictured don't. The legs may look longer. I think, though, that if they don't put the foot at a ridiculous angle, there may be a point to them. I'm no foot doctor but I think 5 inch heels may be worse.

  2. I just went to a shoe store in Chicago called Lori's Shoes and saw similar looking shoes. I think my mother wore shoes like that in the 70's. They are cute, but I can't see myself wearing them, let alone being able to walk half a city block in them.

  3. Thanks for the feedback guys! Obviously the platforms seen at Fashion Week are part of the cutting edge fashion seen there. But for us everyday wearers of high fashion the platform we're looking forward to wearing are more like this, this and these come fall.