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Tuesday, November 13, 2012


maternity fashion
turtleneck and necklaces
bow pumps
turtleneck and necklace

Desirae's maternity look today was very much inspired by an article she saw in Vogue showing fashionistas sporting turtlenecks with layers of necklaces. The rest of the look was formed in hues of grey with a loose fit turtleneck on top and skinnies on bottom. We know snow has set in for a lot of the country, but these bow tipped pumps are Zara (from a previous season). We can find LouboutinsLanvins or Valentinos that look similar to these all day, but as far as a lower price point shoe, this is the closest we could get. The jacket is also from a previous season, but we know there is one that looks very similar at H&M right now. 

Also as a side note... for all you ladies going through the maternity fashion dilemma, here is a great article we found about Rachel Zoe's awesome maternity style. She gives some REALLY great tips on how to stay stylish while pregnant. Here's an extended version that abcnews picked up. Enjoy!

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  1. your blog is so beautiful!
    I love your outfit! the shoes are great too cute :)
    kisses and follow you already!