Saturday, September 15, 2012

SLC Fashion Night Out - Part 1: Street Style

We attended Salt Lake City's version of the national Fashion Night Out last night at the Gallivan Center. We have loads of pictures so we'll break it up into 2 parts, the street style and the runway style. We were generally impressed with the fashion of the night, considering SLC is far from the fashion capitol.   Above are just a few of the ladies and gents we snapped while coming into the show. There were many many more, so if you think you were there and maybe saw one of us snap a shot of you, I would keep an eye out in the coming weeks :).  After viewing so much of what's coming down the runways in NYC, we couldn't help but see things that brought back images in our heads. For instance, the girl in the red and white stripes has no idea how her top is going to be quite the rage come spring. Or the two girls in the maxi dresses could've fit in at the front row of Rodarte. We must admit though that we were quite impressed with the SLC guys. They seemed to have it more put together than even the ladies. Oh and isn't Niya up top lovely? She runs a modeling agency in the city (I mean, you can tell she has experience, right?) and she's wearing one of the designers featured in the show which we'll show you soon....

Friday, September 14, 2012


We thought this was quite the interesting pairing.  You have the heavily sequined black skirt paired with a lovely flowing watercolor top, anchored with the white button down. We might have to try the silk top over button downs... haven't thought that one up yet. We'll let you know if it works for us....

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Here's what Desirae wore while at Fashion week. She decided to keep it simple since many people almost look like they're wearing costumes. So here she is in rich, deep colors of blue and green. She broke out her trusty herring bone jacket since the cool breezes are again settling into the city.  And we've never mentioned this before, but you can tell against her green pants that her wedding ring consists of an emerald. We say it's the perfect accessory to her aquarium colored look. (p.s. from what we're seeing coming out of NY for spring, bright colors are not going ANYWHERE....)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Welcome to Fashion week for Spring/Summer 2013! We figured we'd take the next little bit to show you what's going on in the street style world of the Lincoln Center.  First off, we'd like you to meet some of the photographers. We loved this girl in her prairie-esque look. We also couldn't help thinking that those boots are oh so perfect for fall.  By the way, there might be a reason behind loving this. You can see one of us sporting something similar here....

Monday, September 10, 2012


This outfit was directly inspired by the Christian Dior Resort 2013 collection which we showed you here. Although what Dior has pictured is much more stunning in the red tulle and monochrome colored jacket, we loved the basic shape of the outfit and therefore used it in our look.  Although his was used for next year's resort, we couldn't resist starting now with the look. Of course the belted jacket we'll use all through fall (so you'll definitely be seeing that a lot more from us), but we do feel that this outfit would make the perfect spring look (which we'll see what the designers give us next week with the onslaught of NY fashion week and the ensuing fashion month to follow). So with a slight look forward to spring, we'll start to say goodbye to summer. Sadly all of this outfit is formed out of clothing from seasons past with an H&M skirt, H&M jacket, ballroom-esque pewter shoes, and J. Crew pewter belt. But don't dismay...Ebay usually has some great 50's length skirts in their arsenol....

Friday, September 7, 2012

POPPY DELEVIGNE - Cream blazer and leather

Lovely, lovely Poppy Delevigne shows everyone how it's done. Here she is at the shows this Spring. And you know what? Her jacket is really similar to the one pictured by us from Mango. You can buy it here. What a great look. It's making us want that blazer....