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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Table

OK, so you're probably thinking, where the heck did they go? And now they come back with Thanksgiving? Well we've had a such a blessed year and we're excited to actually be home to give thanks for it. Melody woke up this morning and got so excited for Thanksgiving that she went ahead and decorated her table early. It's always nice to find things around your property that could be used...grasses...berries etc. (I don't even know what these berries are?) We hope your thanksgiving is filled with utter joy. We're not really sure what is going to happen with the blog this next year, but we'll figure it out. Thanks for being such great followers regardless!  With much love, Desi and Mel.

(Here's a little bitty for you and what we're thankful for this year)


  1. Your decorations look great! Are those chairs new? Love them! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. All the arrangement here are really amazing. Well, with thanksgiving, there comes lots of planning for this epic day from selecting a nice place to the best food. We celebrated the day at the place called "The Addison" and the party was really wonderful and memorable.