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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Great Gatsby White

For some reason whenever we think of white on white with cable knit, we think of Gatsby and the actual 20's posh tennis look. This is an incredibly easy outfit to wear. This is the cable knit sweater Melody bought and you can easily pair with any wide leg trousers. We know we've shown a similar outfit before, but we couldn't resist throwing the cable knit in there all in the spirit of Gatsby.

By the way, you know we've gotten SUPER DUPER busy when the blog falls by the wayside and hasn't been updated. Instead of trying to kill ourselves off, we are going to take an actual break since we're recording our 6th album in 2 days! So, we will say goodbye for a week and will hope to see you all on the other side when we get back!


  1. And the shoes? Love them, where did you get them?

  2. So sophisticated and gorgeous!

  3. I should so try an all white ensemble! It looks stunning on you!
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  4. What a great outfit idea! Sort of reminds me of how Brad from the Rachel Zoe Project dresses.

  5. i adore this, great style! and i loved the whole concept on modest fashion :)