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Monday, April 15, 2013

Jessica Stein - Blog Highlight

Australian Fashion Week just took place and we have to admit, we had never heard of Jessica Stein before. That is until now. This look of hers made it onto Vogue's street style looks, but we noticed something...Vogue failed to mention what brand the dress was, yet mentioned her glasses, shoes etc. Why? because surprisingly, this dress is from Asos (here)! And we love the look. It just goes to show that places like Asos and other cheaper brands deserve to have a place in the world of serious style and be mixed in with other pieces. It's nice to finally see one getting some attention. Definitely check Jessica out and her blog Tuula Vintage. We are definitely new lovers of her.


  1. Yes, that dress! And that crazy big earring thing she is rocking, so killer. Thanks for referring me to her site. Love it!

  2. Cute dress! And, WOW! those earrings! Crazy! Do you think it's one earring, or does she have that many holes in her ear?!
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