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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Sunday

This is the week of unusuals for the two of us. Desirae was joking when she wore this that she was wearing a  Melody outfit. Why? Because she rarely wears longer pencil skirts. We don't know if there is an exact reason behind this, but she just never does (similarly to Melody never wearing tunics). So here is our week of unusuals. We doubt Desirae will go so prim on Easter Sunday (it's just not really her style), but it doesn't have to stop you all. Victoria's Secret pencil skirt, Forever 21 ombre top, Zara heels and clutch. 

Happy Easter to you all this weekend!


  1. I have an almost identical skirt I wear all the time in spring and summer. It makes my fall/winter tops look just right in the early spring when it is still cool. Great look!

  2. Desirae, those colors are perfect with your skin tone! Lovely!
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  3. Beautiful look! Adore the shirt, very feminine but interesting.

  4. I like the mix of gold and silver jewelry.

  5. Beautiful, I'm loving that cream pencil skirt.

  6. Ahh I had a blouse from Target that looked EXACTLY like that! lol It was as gorgeous silk blouse. Reminds me I need to pull it out of the closet for spring <3


  7. I hope you will wear that exact outfit on Easter...it's perfect. And I thought the same about the colors highlighting your skin tones.