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Monday, November 26, 2012


Need ideas for holiday wear? Here's a lovely lady we found on the street (evidently we weren't the only ones noticing her look...[NY Mag did too here]). We've been eyeing the fabulous Valentino studded pumps for a while and when we saw her sporting them, they were oh so beautiful to behold in real life (you can buy those lovely things here, if you're ready to pay a bit for them)  Want a similar look for cheaper? Check out this dress here; pair with some shoes like this plus a leopard clutch, and you're ready to step into the holidays!

Also, we've extended the Mara Modest giveaway, so keep an eye out for the winner....

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  1. Umm...NY Mag needs a little help with their photography and composition. The dress looks pretty bad in that picture, what with the lining hanging down below the lace and the dress looking so bunchy. Also, the black shoes you suggested got bad reviews. It would be more helpful not to show products that don't cut it. Don't mind me, I usually am full of compliments for ThreadEthic, but I like to be honest, too. The first picture of the red dress, the one you took, is so much better. :)