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Friday, November 23, 2012


woman of the hour
autumn baby shower table
autumn baby shower cake

the happy couple
baby shower caramel apples (baby in the 'big apple')
inside joke
bird sweater

autumn baby shower

autumn baby shower

Since Desirae is getting ready to have her little girl in the "big apple" we decided her shower would be based around "baby in the big apple." We wish you could've seen Desirae's whole outfit better, but we'll just have to show you what she was wearing later. Also we're absolutely loving our friend Liz in the bird sweater near the bottom. VERY cool. Hope you enjoy a little peek into our lives this week!

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  1. What a beautiful, elegant shower, and beautiful mother-to-be. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Beautiful fashion,
    beautiful people,
    beautiful shower.

    Congratulations Desirae and Bryan!