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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

WHAT WE WORE - Utah Opera, Il Trovatore


Images of the most recent Chanel (Spring 2013) runway were definitely in my mind when I put together this look. No Chanel runway is complete without the famous boucle jacket. But it was the pairing of the huge, pearl, bauble necklaces all over the line that stuck with me while dressing the other night. Although my necklace is no where near such a statement piece as those, I do think it kinda gets the idea across. I had another look ready to go pairing black lace with chiffon (Dolce and Gabbana inspired) but decided that I wear a lot of black. So, white it was! I thought about amping up the heels, but in the end decided to keep them understated.  Chiffon dress is from a NY boutique (and is surprisingly old in my closet), jacket is thrifted, shoes are Aldo (also old), and the necklace was from the nicer Target jewelry lines a few seasons ago. By the way, this white chiffon dress is quite amazing and is only $30! Pair with this white boucle jacket or this one from Zara and you too can complete the look. And why not add a nice big bauble necklace while you're at it?